Things seem to be getting better!

December 11 2005

 Well, heres a pic of me and my best friend a little over 3 weeks ago. I had so much fun that day! Well, I thought it was time to update so I! Well, everything seems to be staring to fall into place. Lauren is suppost to be moving up here now soon cause Justin's friend got the job at MTSU! Let's hope that his friend keeps his promise and hires Justin! Well, anyways my grandmother is here from England and I'm hating it! I can't wait till she goes back so I can get my room back! I had a pretty good weekend! I can't wait till christmas break!


Steph Rad

December 12 2005
Hey So your best friend seems cool wow 27 thats kinda old but, she looks like she is really nice!! so sounds like everything is going good your way!! Kool beans!! love Steph