November 21 2005

 Pretty sure that decribes me again right now! That pic was taken back in August and I still feel pretty much the same! Although I did have the best  saturday! I got to go see my best friend! I had soooo much fun! I didn't want that day to end , but of course it had to! I got to drive down there which was fun. I get to see her again June 17! She is getting married! Not looking forward to that cause then we probably wont talk any more :(! She is e-mailing me some pictures soon so as soon as she does I'll put them up. Well, Vandy beat Tennessee! That made me happy! And Clemson beat South Carolina so that made my day better! Well, the coach at MTSU got fired which means there a microchopic chance that Lauren might move up here cause Justin might coach! If she did move up here I'd def. be the happiest person ever! Well, I gotta go now!

Elizabeth :)


November 29 2005

Maria Renee Rodriguez Jimon

November 30 2005
hey hey hey!!! u need to hop on that hottie football player!!! and do it now!! u dont have lotsa time!!