August 08 2006

I cant believe I woke up to go to school.  Ah well.  I hope you all are having a grand summer.  I am gonna go spend the rest of it in bed I think...

It's so sad that we're all going away so soon.  I mean, I'm looking forward to it and all, but it's still really sad....so yeah, night fellas.


July 17 2006
Hey fellas. Sorry for the lack of updates.  Due to the fact that my secretive wireless network that I was using on my laptop decided to stop working coupled with my normal comp's internet stupidity is making my life difficult. So I am using Linbaugh's comp for now. So yeah. Nice to see you have a phusebox Mr. Shlykins! I have really nothing to report at this moment, sorry. I do want to wish Mr. Benny Pearce a nice first semester with his Nigerian brotha. Oh yeah, I also bought a nice shiny red Nalgene for ya Benny (if you still remember my breaking the other...), gimme a call when you want it. Anyways, that's about it. Till next time, stay clean. --Daniel

Laptop baby!

May 31 2006

Okay, right, so it's not very good.  It's an Inspiron B130, the cheapest thing you can buy.  Aw well, it works nicely for me.  Indeed, I am writing this via it, and it turns out that there is a wireless network so close to where I live that I am currently using it!  Is this bad?  Probably.  Oh well.

Anywho, I went to Harding this weekend.  Loooong drive.  But we did eventually get there.  It was very nice, quite organized and uniformed looking...so yeah, I really don't know where I wanna go to college now.  There is no reason why I can't got to either Freed or Harding.  Prayers are much appreciated!

Till next time,


May 25 2006

I dont think my comp likes Phusebox...AOL has clicked off five times.  Eh, oh well.

Yes, I am here again.  Surprise.  I may update.  I may not.  Don't count on it.  Anyways, I'm totally bored because I am far too cool to go to camp.  Honestly.  Expect new pictures that you've all seen before.  Anyways, I'll talk to ya in a year or two.  If your lucky.

Oh yeah, way to go Pearcy on your flippen sweet laptop.

--Dan the Dan-Man Daniel

zz z zz *snort* z z z z

January 30 2006

    So I stayed up till 2 working on the sports page divider for the year book.  Yeah, then I stayed up till 5 working on that OTHER bit of homework, my AP English research project on Dorian Gray (excellent book BTW).  And thanks to my good friend, Mr. Vanilla Coke, I am not even very tired yet.  Oh well.  And neither was due today.  Darn.  I'll sleep when I'm dead.

    And I'll make an honest effort to update this thing.  Honest.  Okay, well, maybe.  Sometimes.  Yeah right.  Leave some.

Incoherently yours,

I'm baaaaack!

November 09 2005

Hey there!  I am currently in Captain Robb's class, doing something that nobody understands.  Xanga won't work, but this will!

So yeah, Drew got busted today.  A week of O.S.S., counseling, and no telling what else.  I'm so sorry Drew, I'm praying for you.

Hmm....not much else today.  I've got an essay to BS tonight.  Gonna burn the midnight oil!

Good evening.

June 09 2005
Sara talked me into getting one of these. So I did. Howdy folks!