Letting go

August 04 2006

Lately I have had so much on my mind and have slowly but surely been sifting through it, but it wouldnt have been possible for me to reach this decision had God not been guiding me through everything.  I have decided with His help that I need to let go of my past, and concentrate on the future and the oppurtunities he has placed in front of me.  Now I know that many of you are thinking, "yeah well, thats common sense," but the thing is, you really dont know what you have until you are faced with a decision where you have to look at everything in retrospect.  However, the main point of this blog is to praise God and show how He can help if you just ask Him into your heart, and also I would like to thank my friends for all of their help.  I have such amazing friends.......... my life is so blessed, and I owe all that I am to my Lord, Jesus Christ.  For my friends who arent really spiritual, I urge you to find faith, and let Christ in.  Well, it is late, and I am tired, so I am off to bed.  God Bless you all!

In Christ!