GSPT near the end.

June 25 2006

Well folks...... GSPT is almost over, I cant believe how fast it has flown by.  My final presentation is due Wednesday, which will be my final grade, yes I said grade, I am working on it with Laura and our topic is School Leadership..............yuck.  I miss you all back home, but when I get back I will miss everyone here so much......... I have had such an amazing time here, and to think that at the end of it I will have Education 201 and Technology in the Classroom credits, that is six hour credits I dont need  when I major in Education! yippeee!  Well, I guess I will go, need to finish my lesson plan.......... talk to you all soon!

In Christ!


meredith taylor

July 15 2006
i loved it!!! pirates was amazing i recommend to go see it!!!