June 08 2006

So yeah i am at GSPT right now............. having a REALLY good time.  It is amazing to finally be around people who think like me.  I am serious, everyone here is brilliant, it is beyond belief that we all were able to come together and have a chance such as this.  And to top things off, next week we are going to be camp counselors for the special needs children (Autistic, Downs syndrome), it will be so amazing to be able to work with them for a week, i am really looking forward too it, and it will definitely help me decide if i want to become a teacher or not.... but yeah..... so anyways, I know this is like the worst grammer I have ever used in my life but i am typing this during my lunch break....... ugh..... that reminds me that I have technology class next..... yuck! We had it from 6-9 the last two nights.....g2g.... God bless!

In Christ!