May 25 2006

I dont care

May 06 2006
O well welp Im single now, uhhh yea life sucks but what ever I didnt do any thing rong 


May 02 2006


April 15 2006


April 09 2006
As the sun falls and shadows come, his world.... falls into darknes....


April 06 2006
i got a bunch of new photos enjoy

Whats up?

March 28 2006
So whats going on every one?
Hows life? My life is great, life is great, its the greatest its ever been.
I have the love of my life, and the best friends I could ever have,
Music is amazing, wow i love techno, rave music, rock, its all amazing!!!!!!!!

No glove no love lol l8er


March 26 2006
HAPPY 6 MONTHS CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its been 6 months since we first started going out


March 09 2006
Hey all, this is my first entry on phuse box, the most amazing woman I know told me about this, MY girlfriend Chelsea Forstel