July 18 2005
Here I am
Lying, waiting
Wishing my heart
Youd be taking
So many memories
Rush through my head
As I lay here
Alone in my bed
That perfect day
When I slept in your arms
How I wish I had stayed
Missing the times
When you smelled my hair
All these feelings
I cannot bare
Its been a long 8 months
Of simply missing you
I thought I was over it
But what is this girl to do?
If it werent for you
I wouldnt know what
true love is
I remember perfectly
Our first shared kiss
Now all I have
Is a box full of you
Things that remind me
What is this girl to do?
Now I sit here alone
Trying not to cry
But the thing that gets me the most
Is the memory of Xi
8 long months of regret
And missing you
Please tell me
What is this girl to do?

Bethany Bratcher

July 18 2005
Did you write that?

Big Will

July 23 2005
i know you.....


July 27 2005
whose to say that blackest rose doesn't have the prettiest pedals?