July 29 2005
havnt had the best couple of days....been VERY depressed...i think i know the reason but im not sure..but anyways every day is the same routine*....and im sick and tired of it...i want school to come faster but oh well...ill update whenever i remember this thing again...


July 18 2005
Here I am
Lying, waiting
Wishing my heart
Youd be taking
So many memories
Rush through my head
As I lay here
Alone in my bed
That perfect day
When I slept in your arms
How I wish I had stayed
Missing the times
When you smelled my hair
All these feelings
I cannot bare
Its been a long 8 months
Of simply missing you
I thought I was over it
But what is this girl to do?
If it werent for you
I wouldnt know what
true love is
I remember perfectly
Our first shared kiss
Now all I have
Is a box full of you
Things that remind me
What is this girl to do?
Now I sit here alone
Trying not to cry
But the thing that gets me the most
Is the memory of Xi
8 long months of regret
And missing you
Please tell me
What is this girl to do?


July 11 2005
"After i decided i wasn't going to watch a third movie for tonight, i went outside to wait for a ride. It was sorta raining and i didn't feel like getting wet so i went under one of the theatre exits where i wouldn't get wet but still be outside. I can see on the ground the rain landing on the puddles that are there, but as it is night i can't really see the rain. So i look to the parking light nearest me and i see the rain. It's not really falling so much as it is fluttering. Like snow mixed with mist. But some drops of rain are falling, droping. I looked at it for a long time. Five maybe ten minutes. I don't know why. I wish to know. I've thought about it and i think it's because it's pretty. I generally don't believe in seeing a difference in pretty and not pretty. Everything has it's own "pretty" but then i noticed something else that seemed a little, odd for me. I was staring at something because i percieve it to be, just that, pretty. I've always liked to watch the rain. Because it's pretty. And i guess it's cause i'm jealous or maybe it's because i don't know for sure, but watching the rain brought back old feelings. Feelings that i haven't felt since almost last year. I don't understand why things make me feel the way they do. Perhaps i'm just not ready for such thought but maybe i need to look at things that are pretty more often. Just a thought."

I know it doesn't say much, but it says alot for me


July 07 2005
I totally forgot about this thing...
well anywho ijust got back from the creek with sarah hulme and sean turner...itwas coolme and sarah jumped inbut sean wouldnt hahaha...and well i was grounded for a weekbut i got ungrounded yesterday ^.^ yes elizabeth i did something else really stupid...AGAIN!! but hey its me :-D Yesterday i went to sarahs baptism* and that was pretty nifty...and well here i am...

C-I-A-B-A-double T-A ciabatta

DoNt KnOw WhAt Im ReAlLy DoInG

June 04 2005
yea so i just made this to comment on elizabeths site and so thats all i guess.....

PEACE OUT HOMIE G DOG NIZZLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!