April 22 2006

Deeep Thoughts by: Tom Rossi

How low do you have to go to steal a server's pen at a restaurant? I mean...come on! It is a server's pen.  How many hundreds of hands have touched that pen? How many different strangers with different hands with different preferences on "washing hands".  Sheesh.  Do Yourself and America a favor. If you really need a pen, buy a cheap one at Wal-Mart and save yourself the myriad of possible germs.

Why and How should you ever have to sit on a wet or dampened public toilet seat?  The point of going into the stall is to sit down and take care of your business arrangements.  Pee Standing Up?  Well, gorsh.  I think they invented a little something called a urinal.  Step aside and let the fat-people-who-have-to-take-dumps and the handicaps in.  It's there stall.  And if you must use this small cubicle of restroom sitting, have the courtesy to sit down or at least NOT piss all over the fricking sink.

The car signal is a brilliant invention.  You can now inform other drivers when you will be turning or changing lanes.  We do not have to use our arms and hands any more.  It is so simple.  Ha.  Then, why must we leave ourright blinker on when we are in the left lane.  One normal human being would assume they are going to shift into the right lane.  This is not the case.  The driver is either poorly incompetent in the head or just does nothing about it.  Thus, the should notice the blinker.  Thus, why do I see idiots doing this on the interstate?  Come on now.  We have come a long way from fingers and hands.  Let's get with technology and properly signal your freaking car.


April 04 2006
Ever notice that when you are in a complete and one hundred percent hurry that the people in front of you seem to be taking their sweet time and go very very slowly?  It's crazy.

Word Up

January 25 2006
I figured what the hell.  I've never really made an entry on this thing.  Classes are going excellently.  Talked to the dean of admissions about the whole 30-hour thing for sophomore status.  She said it didnt really matter.  It's pretty much just guidelines.  lol.  Just like the code.  My University Seminar class is awesome.  All we do is joke around and color/use our right brain.  It's great.  Our teacher is just "some other place" every class.  Well, I'm out.  Peace Guys.