December 03 2005

The semester is almost over! I am superpumped about only having 9 days of class left. Tomorrow I have to start studying for my finals, but it's no big deal since the end is now in sight! It has really flown by. Brian and I took our engagement pictures today at the Opryland Hotel. We were going to do them outside in random places around Nashville, but today was a pretty dreary day so we headed over to the hotel. They should turn out really well though; the place was beautiful with all the lights and decorations for Christmas! I will post pictures as soon as we get the images from the photographer...hopefully some time next week. May God bless you this Christmas season!

Me and my Shadow

August 03 2005
That's how the nurse I was with must have felt today. I followed around a family nurse practitioner in a nearby town today...it was really great! It reinforced that I am able and should pursue a Master's degree after I finish at MTSU. I had no reason to be intimidated, because everyone there was extremely nice and welcoming...so that was really good.

I got to give my first IM (intramuscular) injection today! I have given lots of subcutaneous ones (like insulin) and have started a few IVs but the IM was totally new to me. Pretty cool! That's another skill I can say that I've had practice with, which will make for much less stressful clinicals this next year. It is always nice to have that "first time" with skills over with before I walk into a patient room...after I've done something once I am typically pretty alright with it. I also got to do a physical on the cutest little hispanic boy...he was 4 and adorable! Spending time there today made me excited for school to get started again. As much as I enjoy lazy summer days, I am ready to go! Babysitting all day tomorrow, so I am off to bed...have a good night and a wonderful tomorrow!

First post!

August 02 2005
So, first phusebox post! Very exciting...I forgot my username for a while after I made it, so this is the first time that I am really here! It's nice to have a new place to write. I really don't write much on the xanga I have, so this should be good. I like that you can put photos too. Someday I will scan in some more, but for now all I have on my computer are the pictures from my birthday/engagement party. Fortunately they are some of my very favorite!

Tomorrow I am doing the first nursing thing I have done all summer, and am shadowing a nurse practitioner for a day. I babysit her children a few times a week, and she had said when I first started watching them (in November) that I was welcome to come with her to work whenever. Tomorrow will be the first time I am going...I hope to go a couple more times before school starts, if all goes well. I am pretty intimidated. She isn't by nature an intimidating person, but I have a lot of respect for her and I feel like I don't know much when she asks me nursing questions and I draw a blank. It will be good to get a little bit of experience this summer...maybe I'll get to give a shot! :-) Off to bed now; if I'm giving shots, I owe it to the patient to be well rested and as prepared as possible. Goodnight all!