only 10 more days..

December 15 2005

wow i can't believe there are only 10 more days until Christmas.. it's crazy!! i still got a little more Chirstmas shopping to do~

the semester is officially over.. i passed mass media (the class i was worried about) so i was very happy about that, i made an A in algebra! which is incredible because math isn't my thing..

well i hope everyone has a great day, i'm off to babysit! love yall~


I love you!!


December 07 2005

I am done with my first semester of college!!! woo-hoo!!!! :)

but now, i must study for the finals... ugh- oh well!! hopefully i will do well on both of them...

hope everyone has a great week!! love yall


Happy Birthday to ME!!

November 23 2005

It's my birthday!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! love yall~


job.. maybe

November 08 2005

I have a job interview tomorrow!!! Pray for me... I hope it goes well, because it should be a good job for me with school.. low key, good hours, hopefully good pay!! I hope yall have a great night!! love ya~


i love this weather

November 06 2005

hey! wow, the weather has been so nice lately.  And the trees and the leaves are soo pretty.. i love fall and everything that comes with it.. it's really nice walking about campus because they have a lot of trees! it's also very nice running weather!! I started running last weekend, so I've been trying to keep it up! I would love to do the half marathon next year.. 13 miles!! we'll see though!!

well I hope everyone has a great night.. I gotta go finish studying.. then get something to eat!! love yall~



November 02 2005

i finally got a picture on here.. so hopefully i can make time to upload some more later for u kids!! i've had my digital camera for over a year, but i didnt have the USB chord and i just now got one.. i've been wanting one for the longest time when i finally had things to upload pictures to.. so now thats like all i do! haha..

well today was pretty good.. we had a dicussion in my university seminar class on a bunch of diverse issues in our country.. some people have some ridiculous thoughts on life, but thats not for me to judge..

well i'm about go to babysit~ i hope yall have a great day!


one more day..

October 27 2005

so its thursday, only one more day until the weekend.. i'm ready for this week to be over because it has been extra busy.. i haven't updated on this in awhile, but i just thought that i would.. maybe this time i will finally get some remarks!

hmm.. i need a job!! i'm really thinking about a job at a bank.. so if anyone knows of a bank that's hiring please let me know!! i guess for now i'll just go to random banks~

well i hope everyone has a great night! love yall



August 01 2005
I can't believe it's already August.. this summer has gone by pretty fast.. and school is starting pretty soon~ I can't believe I'm going to college.. I'm kinda getting nervous.. lol I hope I can find all my classes again.. well I hope everyone has a great week.. I'm gonna have a busy one!! *Laguna Beach* tonight!!!!! love yall~

it's hot hot hot!

July 24 2005
woah!! super hot outside these days.. layed out by the pool friday and saturday, more like in the pool for its coolness.. and i got a little red!!! not too bad though~
church was really good today.. went back to alpha omega, still waiting to hear from the intern, each week its been someone different.. when school starts it should be better!
well i hope everyone has a great day!! try to stay cool!!

will it ever stop raining..

July 14 2005
so today when i woke up it seemed like a nice day.. not too hot, not too sunny.. so I decided it was perfect day to wash my car.. my dad always says its best to wash your car when its not super hot and sunny.. so knowing this I prepared everything.. water, soap, sponges.. washed it.. looked at it- beautiful!! finally it was clean.. and then it rained!!! what's up with that?!?! oh well.. I shall try again tomorrow!! no just kidding.. maybe next week.. or maybe I'll just put car wash soap all over it and let the rain wash it off!! Well thats about all I did today.. tried looking for curtains today.. no luck what-so-ever.. so if anyone knows where I can find some bright yellow curtains, that would be very helpful!! Well I hope you kids have a great night!!!

busy day~

July 06 2005
Hey!! well today was a busy day.. well not the first half.. but at around 4:30 me and Whitney went shopping for my bedroom!~ I got a new comforter yesterday which is sooo cute.. and now I have to get new accessories to go with it.. and well I just have to get curtains now!! Then some paint.. but I'm gonna have to take my comforter with me to get the perfect color thats in it.. but I would rahter do that then it not match at all.. then after that we went to Jason's Deli to eat.. *yum* and then we went to Alex's house and then we went to Dairy Queen.. and I got this peanut butter oreo blizzard.. and it was like super *yum* haha.. then we went to walmart.. and I got to see CHELSEA!! I was soo excited b/c me and Whitney were talking about her today.. like not bad talking.. but just how we haven't seen her and then we did!! yay~ haha.. well I think that's all I got for now!! well I hope everyone has a great night!! love yall~

*my first entry*

July 03 2005
So.. I got this like 2 weeks ago, but I didn't really know how to make an entry.. but now I do!! yay!!
well I hope everyone has a fun and save 4th of July!!
love yall- CP