are we loosing a holiday now that we're older???

October 31 2006
DO you remember when we were young, getting SO excited
about tonight, halloween going tick or treating, getting candy, and
best of all getting to dress up....

Dressing up, isn't that like pretending to be something your not, now
when we're older it seems like people do that ALL the time so maybe now
we're not loosing a holiday.. just gaining a life style...

what's with that??

i KILLED my car

October 19 2006
Anyone who goes my siegel, please spred the news to some of my teachers if yall know. i got into a major accident this weekend (sunday morning). i dodged a deer and hit 4 trees in the process. i lived, all the damage was mainly in the back of the car, by the grace of God, if it had hit in the front i would have had to go to vanderbuilt because of my knees. (like a bozo i got up and walked around with my back hurting they said if it had of been cracked lower i could have paralized (sp) myself)  i went to MTMC in an ambulance, i was in the ER for over 3 1/2 hours. i ended up only jamming my thiumb, and cracking 4 verdibre's in my back, i'm in some major pain and probably wont be able to go back to school till Monday.  please pray for me... i'm on some MAJOR pain pills, vicadin i think it's called

My life these days

September 30 2006

scavenger and stuff 009 Road Tripscavenger and stuff 075

 scavenger and stuff 005 Late park nights 

scavenger and stuff 033 Football Games

scavenger and stuff 064Rainy Days

 tyler Long goodbyes


September 05 2006

Life's been going... pretty interesting lately.....

  • Boys

  • School

  • Church

  • Parents

  • Friends

Chesney's having surgery tomorrow so keep her in your prayers..... i'll be there all day tomorrow, if anyone wants to call and find out in for 308 8572

ches at hospital 

Man i HATE being a girl sometimes::

August 22 2006

I swear if i cried any more you could call me Old Faithfull!

          I didnt know i had so much water inside me!!!

                         GAH!! Here i go again... ::Cries::

 (that was a GREAT few nights)

Isn't it amazing how a simple icon can say SO much....

Work school and photoshop fun!!

August 11 2006

Work and School... and fun with photo shop

  • I got a new schedule thingy for work, evey other weekend, every tuesday and thursday 330-600 and anytime i'm needed otherwise!!! o and i forgot the best part...

  • Schedule and major people i like in that class::

    • EARLY DAY:: spanish 2 (mann)

      • didn't go in there so i dont know yet

    • FIRST:: Graphic Communications (Picklesimer)

      • ashley and chris

    • SECOND:: Women's Select

      • EVERYONE!! all my girls are in there

    • THIRD:: Visual Communications, i'm aiding his class and still getting the ful credit (Picklesimer)

      • justin, whitney, carla..

    • FOURTH:: Earth Science (seuls)

      • kira, ashley c, andrew, amber,

    • LUNCH:: 3rd

      • idk yet???

    • FIFTH:: Geometry (Rohling)

      • BERRETT!!!

    • SIXTH:: English Three (johnson)

      • Lauren, chelsea, trent, gabby, jerk, and my woundermous... JACLYN!!

       Me, i like my eyes in this one...

      Watching you in the back seat...

      Blurry, i made it this way... I LOVE IT!!


     I don't know what i was doing but hey.

     i was being a cowgirl with ryan's hat...


    August 10 2006

    EARLY DAY:: spanish 2 (mann)

    FIRST:: Graphic Communications (Picklesimer)

    SECOND:: Women's Select

    THIRD:: Visual Communications, i'm aiding his class (Picklesimer)

    FOURTH:: Earth Science (seuls)

    LUNCH:: 3rd

    FIFTH:: Geometry (Rohling)

    SIXTH:: English Three (johnson)

    Weekend of SHOPPING!!!

    August 07 2006

    Weekend of SHOPPING!!!

    Where all did i go you ask?

    • pigion forge

    • gatlinburg

    • knoxville

    • chattanooga

    What all did i buy you ask?

    • a purse (VERY cute with stripes and 77 and the eagle)

    • cardigan (white with a yellow eagle)

    • a blue long sleave v neck hooded shirt

    • a grey t shirt with a print on it

    • new tennis shoes (they look just like the newbalences but they have the eagle on them)

      • All this was from AMERICAN EAGLE

    • a brown lace tank

    • a black lace tank

    • a yellow lace tank

    • a white with black polka dots tank

      • All this was from RUE 21

    • a cream watch leather with squiggaly lines

    • an every day leather watch with lots of funky stuff on it

    • a brown plain leather watch

      • All this was from FOSSIL

    To top it ALL off i got a pedicure too!!! yay i have pretty feet now!!

    picture time....

    July 08 2006

    Picture Time.... (i played dress up in some...)

     Look how beautiful and thin i looked, (from the neck down of course)... i'm DETURMANED to look like that.

     Me and Sonny 'FREAK-A-LEAKing'... lol

     'Trying to catch me 'RIDIN DIRTY...'

     Touching up the poof...

     i REALLY like this picture and i dont know why.....

     Jamacian me crazy.... .

     You can see Nik's dirty closet door....

     Oh SKIRT!!


    In a Nut Shell.... (With pictures)

    July 01 2006

    - License is rocking

    - Haven't relly been home befroe 3 in a while

    - Can't sleep anymore

    - Talked to an old friend about Jesus last night for a while

    - Need to get things straight with him

    - Thinking about doing a fast from guys

    - Went to bed last night about 5am

    - Skate night last night

    - I think i'm getting sick

    - Family get together tonight

    - I'm tired as all get out

    - I'm addicted to water and trident orange gum....

                                        Random pictures...

     Dancing in IHOP at 2am

     Tyler's grossed out face

     Sonny's... ' I'm sexy face.'

     I don't really know why Naomi was covering her boobs in that one....

     Me SNEEZING at work...

     My new best friend.... 'Mr. Purell'

     Half asleep Answering phone calls... i think i said good afternoon... MAN i can't remember....

     At work.....

     Same NASTY hair as last night....

     Same shoes....

     Same skirt, lace tank, black tank, just instead of white zip-up, now i have a white tee... i think i slept a whole hour in these clothes... no no didnt. they were just the first thing i saw on my floor.... o the life

    Girly Night

    June 26 2006

    Chels and i had a chick night, Monday night....

    - We went to the spa, and got pedicures, manicures, massages, pariffin dips, and facials... oh my word it was AMAZING!!

    - Then we went to eat dinner... Logans... it was great, i got steak ... and felt real manly and rugged... ARG!!

    - Then we went to Blockbuster and rented a chick flic, went home and watched it... crashed about 1 ish...

    - Now i'm at work... and going crazy with work stuff... so ya i needed a break...

     PEACE o<


    wam bam boom

    June 22 2006

    Stephen bond wwrote this and read it to me last night..... Most of you KNOW how i stand on the whole 'love' issue, but this just kinda made me think. i left out like one or two sentences but other then that it's all his..... 

    As humans, we are unable to control which feelings and emotions we will encounter in a given situation, but we can control how we react to them. Some choose to embrace them openly and share them with others, refusing to be afraid of what they can't control. Others, however, are not as blessed as they with the apropriate level of strength and courage.Those of us who fear our emotions hide them inside of ourselves, unwilling to share our pain, sadness, disapointment, and anger. We put up the "all-clear" face and go about our business. Only when those who truly care about you and have a desire to understand your feelings come along does anyone see our pain. They see it, but don't understand why it's there. Then, when someone comes along and tries to find the answer to Why, we run as far as possible as fast as possible, and we use any means necessary to get away.. The methods vary from relationship to relationship, but the end result is the same unless we are able to get to the root of the problem. The friendship is destroyed little by little. Every conversation becomes an argument. Eventualy, there is nothing left to salvage but memories of how it USED to be. What we USED to talk about. How we USED to be happy.

    Peace o<


    Cheers to the Teenage YEARS

    June 20 2006

    It' seems i've been avoiding updating for as long as i can. and frankly im not 100% sure why.... i guess im afraid to start writting because im afraid i wont stop.

    My trip was good, i had a blast, from river tubing with nik, damian, ovan and jarome.... to late night chats at the front of the ship.

    i came home and the drama fell... so and so making out with so and so... to hey i miss being around you...

    lifes so crazy these days its like theres ALWAYS somethng going on.

    so i got my license today, thats a BIG step.... it's like i FINALLY feel like a real teenager... now the only thing im waiting on now is mom and her friend to get my car situation together...

    it's like i dont know what's going on in my life anymore from day to day..... life just keeps spinning and there seems to be no stop ahead.... maybe i'll have to make my own stop sign....

    Sorry about this post i was just kinda babbling and i still feel liuke i could have typed for hours and hours on end and wouldnt have even gotten started, but i'll stop boring you now...

    Peace out    o<

    short simple and to the point...

    June 05 2006

    I'm a wreck here lately, and i can't explain it...

    So if i've done anythig to piss you off, or will probubly do something to piss you off soon... i'm sorry

    Goofing my life away

    April 24 2006

    I wish i coul have more times like these, instead of always goofing off...


    Well last night i got lecture by an old friend about how i'm such a jerk, and how 'i supposidly' am pushing someone out of church. hum the fun huh?

    I just LOVE the way i have to carry other people on my shoulders whats up with that? 

    Simple Question for you all...

    April 20 2006
    Why can't people practice what they preach?

    When will it end?

    April 10 2006

    is it possible for the world to look this way forever?

    Quotes.... People... Memories...

    April 08 2006

    i wonder what you're thinking when you look at me and smile (Alot of People)

    friends by heart
    sisters by soul
    quiet and shy? pshhh
    try out of control (Sarah) & (Chels)

    Sometimes you tell yourself the things you need to hear (Chesney tells me this on a DAILY basis)

    i just can't take the silence
    of knowing that you know how i feel
    but not having a response (I'm sorry Tyler)

    don't believe the hype
    high school is not the best 4 years of your life (Well, humm 4 yrs.. the best let me think... YUP i got one... )

    i guess what i like about you best is how you can make me laugh even if nothing's funny (Brian)

    i tried snorting coke once.
    but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose. (Kim Miller 8th grade year)

    the people who know the least, always have the most to say (All the 'hoebag' rumors around thie ditrict)

    partly cloudy with a
    very high chance of drama (EVERYDAY of my life...)

    do everything you want
    and if it's something you'll regret in the morning
    sleep in late (Nik)

    conflict builds character.

    crisis defines it (Abi)

    be nice to everyone you meet.
    they're facing battles you have no idea about. (Blake)

    some things fall apart so that other things can come together (From Zach to Jeff <sarah>)

    do you know what fine stands for? freaked out, insecure, neurotic, && emotional. (ha ha Tyler)

    you are the only one who puts pink in my cheeks (ha ha Amanda <Blake>)

    i'm as confused as a gangsta with a skateboard (Abby C.)

    Events of this ^ day

    April 04 2006

    Run Down

    - Had to ride to school with Nik (looked a mess, as usual these days)

    - Ate a YUMMY muffin (Blueberry)

    - Coach W. told me i made him think of 'strip poker' because i wore so many layers, and all that jazz, and i told him he couldn't talk about stuff like that with me b/c he's a teacher...

    - La te da da da the rest of the school day happened can't really remember anything else bigwell....

    - Had a VERY interesting chat at lunch with Nik, Gin, and Brian

    - After School drove to the tanning bed (Nik had 3 friends with her so i drove.)

    - Get in Sun Rays and hear a horn hanking... i turn around and Nik's hanging the window with her butt and feet in the air, b/c the girls are pulling her in, (gotta love them)

    - Tanned, saw Matt Biship, YA THAT WAS WEIRD!

    -left there, had dinner with Mom, then went to get groceries (sp)

    Fun Fun Fun

    - Cell Prayer at Chels' (my second home)

    - Hung with Kara ad talked about prom (YIPPY SKIPPY)

    -Taught Chels how to burn a CD, and made me one

    - Afterwards about 10 or so of us went out in the yard and played 'Big Booty' (Church camp game)

    - Then we all sat in a circle and sang and goofed off as Blake played the Guitar

    - Then came home

    Random Notes to self::

    - DON'T write alot then accidently delete it

    - CLEAN before mom spazzes...

    - Do laundry

    - Find prom shoes

    - Get eyebrows waxed

    - Be nicer to people

    - Start letting people in

    - Get back 'into' church

    - STOP leading people on....

    Spring is here....

    April 01 2006

    - Driving down the street seeing two guys acting stupid to the music. (i miss nikki)

    - PERFECT weather.(i want to go to the dam to see if the carvings from last summer are still there in the trees)

    - Driving to meet up with an old friend (Tyler Spivey/ my 3rd grade b/f).

    - Hanging out at the fish fry, not eating just drinking ALL his limonade, and bumping to some music, and seeing how to lay his back seat in the jimmy down.

    - Meeting a new 'black' friends, (see i told yall i wasn't rasist)

           ::All in all, PERFECT afternoon::