Prayer request

October 02 2005
I would not be writing on here again...but I really need prayers. I'm really having mixed feelings about somethings and I just don't know what to do. If you could just pray I would really appreciate it. And thanks to Jessi for talking to me last night at 11:00! I cant' wait to see you guys again today!



October 02 2005
hey call me if you need me!!! ill be praying for you!!! we must hang out when you come home for fall break!!


October 02 2005
call me if u need me too! even it's like 2 in the morning! i love you! you're in my prayers! and we must must must must must hang out when you're home next!!!!! i miss you!!!!!!


October 11 2005
hey! some of us senior girls were looking at our senior pics today and giving them out and what not and katie got out her wallet and had one of yours, it made me miss you!! just thought i'd tell you that, i hope you are doing well!