I'm feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

October 26 2005

Only one of the best weekends ever!!!  I miss everyone sooo much...except for Julie...since she does live in the same room as me!  But I still love her!!

It's like a sauna in our room!  They decided they needed to turn the heat on!  We have our room on 55 and Julie and me both have our fans on like full blast and the window is open and it is still hot!

Learned a new card game...Dutch Blitz...I suck at it...alot!

Hopefully there is going to be some movie renting going on tonight!  Woot Woot!

Working all weekend...but it'll be worth it next week!  No work at all!!!  I don't know why I'm not scheduled but I'm not!  And I'm not complaining!  So I will be home the weekend of the 5th...call me we'll be friends!

Juanita and Sergio are still living...which is amazing b/c I forget to feed them sometimes...opps!

Too much school work goin' on lately...I don't know what's happening!

Well I guess that's it!


l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

October 26 2005
i love that picture