Reasons God is Awesome!

July 07 2005
1. He just is!
2. He has blessed me with the best friends ever!
3. He has blessed me with a great family.
4. He has always provided for me in a time of need.
5. When ever I have felt lost he has always brought me back.
6. He keeps me safe everyday.
7. He is the best friend I could ever have!
8. He knows me through and through.
9. He loves me even though he knows me through and through.
10. He will always be there for me!
11. He is GOD!

I have been blessed in so many ways over the past year and a half of my life. I have new and awesome friends. I have been blessed with two great jobs when I really needed them. He helped me make the tough decision of where to go to college. I have become closer to God over the past year and a half then I have. I know that is mainly because of my awesome friends like LizBeth, Jessimica, Amy, Rach, Lauren, Julie, Ashley, Dena, and just everyone else who has helped me on my walk with God this past year and a half. I just so thankful to have experienced everything I have...good and bad...because I know he is always there for me no matter how selfish, naive, or resistant I am!


p.s.-I just read my horoscope for today and this creepy first of all here is the actualy horoscope: You may receive some difficult news today about your finances. Perhaps you've been planning a purchase that now turns out to be more expensive and therefore unaffordable. Or maybe there's a delay in receiving an expected check. Either way, look carefully at your money situation and make necessary adjustments.

Ok ok so Thursdays are usually pay day at I was all expecting to get my check today but we didn't because the check place was closed on Monday for the 4th...isn't that craziness!!


July 05 2005
Guess who is typing this entry on their NEW LAPTOP!! If you guessed me you are totally correct! I'm soo happy! Well I'm gonna go because my mom and me are gonna go do some dorm room shopping! Love you guys!


Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work I go!

July 03 2005
I work today...surpise surprise!! I get off at 6 though. Then I have to work tomorrow night form 4-9 so sounds like no fireworks for me! But on the sunny side...I get my laptop tomorrow!! Woot Woot!! I

Time for Change

July 01 2005
I felt the need to change. This is a change...small but still a change. I feel I have already changed so much since last year though. I have a completly new set of friends...that I love way more than my old friends. I will be changing where I live...I'm excited!! I have a job...BIG CHANGE! I'm not so shy...another change. I'm ready to change even more! But of course in a good way! Love you guys!