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The names ♥ Elaine ♥ My friends call me Lainypoo ... Kis ... Lainykins ... Lainy ... Liz ... Helen ... and a bunch of other names I have blonde hair with black and red highlights underneath and on top ... but I'm kinda getting tired of it and prolly gonna go back ALL THE WAY blonde again!!! blueish greenish eyes, I'm 17 almost 18I'm 5'1 ya I know short! People tell me I look like Hilary Duff! But dont hate me for that! I wear a lot of eye make up ... but I like it like that ... so dont ask why I do!!! I'm from Texas! HOWDY YALL!!! I love music ... and I dont juz say that to sound cool ... you'd be suprised how much I know about music ... some of my favorites are ... ♥ THE SCENE AESTHETIC ♥ ... Senses Fail, Something Corporate, Stutterfly, The Starting Line, The Click 5, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, From First to Last ... Thrice, The Audition, ♥ MAYDAE ♥ June, The Junior Varsity, The Used, Minimal Fall ... My Chemical Romance, FLYLEAF ... and tons of others ... I cant think of em all right now ... I love GOD!!!Theres alot of things people dont know about me ... example ... i'm a farm girl who loves NASCAR and is very interested in MythologyI love to sing, act, dance, play sports, hang out wit friends, and all that other good stuff! I L♥VE goin to shows!!! I'm learnin to play guitar and drums! I love to do make up and hair I love to tan I'm very sarcasticWhen I get ready in the morning I like to turn my radio on really loud and shake my bootay!!!I have a brother hes 19 and I have a sister shes 15 so that means I'm the middle child! And no its not middle child syndrom! I have THE BEST friends in the WORLD!!! They ARE my everything!!! I dont get embarrassed ... so take your best shot!!! ♥ I want a LOVE like June Carter and Johnny Cash ♥I think brown M&M's taste better than the othersI'm scared of clowns, lightning, sharks, and drowning ... anything else ... bring it on ♥ Band-aids make EVERYTHING betterMy favorite candy is sour patch kids My favorite thing to eat is rice crispy treats!!! When I'm nervous I either bite my lip or my finger nails ... or play with my rings I love to lay in bed with friends and take random stupid pictures for hours ... I have to fall asleep with the TV on ... cant sleep with the radio cuz I start singing the songs and cant go to sleepI drive an '06 black 2-door chevy cobalt I work at sonic ... for now ... but when I go to college I'm gonna work at MAC makeup in North East Mall ... I CANT WAIT!!!♥ Kissings like my FAVORITE thing to do ♥ I'm a cuddle monster!!! *roar*I love my little sister!!! I love to laugh so hard that youre crying you cant breath your stomach hurts you have to pee and then when youre done laughing ... cant remember what you were laughing about!!!I'm LOUD ... I know ... deal with it and DONT tell me to *shhh*My favorite color is black ... no I'm not gothic ... black juz goes with everything ... cept brown!!!My room is ALWAYS a mess!!! I love meeting new people I l♥ve ice cream ... Good Heavens to be exact!!! A striaght way to my heart is good heavens ice cream or a chocolate moon pie ... yummy junk food strawberry banana smoothies are my obsession My favorite animal is a white tigerIf you play guitar I'm yours!!! I ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ boys with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes they have to be taller than me ... which obviously isnt very hard to doI like the smell of bleach, hand sanitizer, and chlorine ... but HATE the smell of gas ... and NO I'm NOT a crack-head!!!I love to lay on the ground and have somDONOTBLOCKOURADSebody draw ALL OVER my back till theres nothing left to cover ... its relaxing!!!I love BIG sunglasses!!!I like eyesI'm not a phone person ... I dont like to talk on it very much ... I hate the awkward silences ... but I can text like crazy!!!The only phone calls I like are the ones from that special someone!!! I'm currently single right now, and have been for the past 2 and a half years so its nothing new ... But I'm gonna marry Eric Dill so dont get attatched!! I wear my heart on my sleeve and fall too easily ... getting hurt seems to be the thing I do most often!!! I cant go a day without talking to or seeing my friends ... their my security!!! I constantly get in trouble for stupid little things!!! I am forgiving ... but dont take it for gratned ... if you keep doing the same shit over and over ... chances are I'm not gonna keep forgiving you!!! I'm very weird ... I already know!!!I love being original and hate being copied!!! I absolutly L♥VE the acoustic guitar!!! Dont calle me EMO ... its a type of music not a style!!! I'm NOT shy AT ALL ... I'm very outgoing ... I'll do anything ... and try everything at least once!!! I like random things and I am VERY random ... dont think I'm joking when I say that!!! I like to sing really loud ... in my car ... in the shower ... in Wal-Mart ... LOL If you dont like me ... dont tell me cuz I dont care what anyone thinks me of ... I'm juz me and you can juz piss off!!! I'm not a jelous person ... unless you give me a reason to be jelous!!!Sad songs make too much sense to me I cant stand fake people ... mostly fake girls ... people who are too scene or juz too "hardcore" for their own damn good bug the crap out of me!!! If you go to shows to see people who you think are cool and you only go juz to LOOK cool ... please dont talk to me!!! If you write me and I dont write back right away ... that doesnt mean I hate you ... and it doesnt mean start writing me more so that I WILL write you back ... I do have a life and its not revolving around my computer ... if you keep writing me you'll prolly get on my nerves and I'll prolly end up blocking or deleting you!!! I AM a blonde ... but I'm NOT stupid!!! I dont think I'm pretty I AM awesome ... so shut up!!! I can be a bitch ... it juz depends on what side you get on of me ... you might wanna be on my good side!!!♥ FAVORITES ♥Movie - The Goonies TV show - Laguna Beach Day of the year - my birthday ... durr Color - black season - summer I HATE cold weather coffee from starbucks - white chocolate mocha Band - dont really have one ... too many good ones ... but I can say that I love all the boys in Maydae and The Last Transition!!! Song - Best Deceptions by Dashboard Confessionals Superhero - Wonderwoman Actress - well shes not really an actress ... Nicole Richie ... but if you wanna be specific ... Rachel McAdams Actor - Mmmm ... Brad Pitt ... yummy!!! I'm gonna be graduating this year and I cant wait to get outta this place and live with my two loves ♥ Trey ♥ and ♥ Stephanie ♥!!! I wanna go to UNT ... go mean grean *caca caca* LOL I know this is long ... and most people wont even read all the way down ... but if you do actually take the time to read it all ... leave me a comment!!!Ummm ya I'm so exciting I know!! No I'm totally kidding! But seriously Remember this face!! I'm gonna be famous!!!


April 09 2006

Goodbye Waves And Drive Ways

The Rocket Summer

Just walk away
Gather your thoughts for the second wave
Of this argument on this epic changing day
Its crazy to think that an hour ago all things were great
But we stand here both proud both wrong and right
Throwing cheap shots in this stubborn fight
And our lives are so intertwined in one
But we're just so stuck in this moment it's clear that were coming undone

And you see it’s hard for me to breathe
When I get all worked up with these feelings
And I don’t know exactly how it is
That we can be so mad we consider to not exist
When we both know there’s so much love clenched within our fists

The goodbye waves in the driveway they just resonate
And yes I am throwing it right back at her
While were drowning in rivers from our faces
We just wanna know if, this is this over
A trembling silence fills the air
As we stand here so impaired, so aware

I sit in this house
Alone with fresh photographs
And I just can’t relax
And like cigarette smoke, I’m starting to choke on this
That half of my soul is on the road in a car with a girl in a dress

And it’s making it hard for me to breathe
When I get all worked up with these feelings
And I don’t know exactly how it is
That just to say I’m right your wrong we both lose to win

The goodbye waves in the driveway they just resonate
And yes I am throwing it right back at her
While were drowning in rivers from our faces
We just wanna know if this, is this over
A trembling silence fills the air
As we stand here whoa-oh

So hey now, maybe we're just being stupid
Maybe we're just being dumb
Hey maybe it's time that we stopped and we realized
Like a flag in the wind we are one
And how at first it’s made so pure and lovely
But in battle can be torn to shreds
But with time and with patience and love and affection
Can be fixed with needle and thread
Because I love you and you love me
And nothing will make this leave
I said I love you and you love me
And nothing will make, make, make, make this leave
So remember me, yeah!
Remember me, yeah!
Remember me

And don’t walk away...

♥I miss him♥

Chelsey Montgomery

April 10 2006
rocket summer is amazing. <3