My Senior Year

August 07 2006


Early Day- English IV Honors- James
1st- Music Theory and Harmony- Ms. G
2nd- Speech- OSteen
3rd- Gov/Econ
4th- Advanced Algebra Trigg H- Matewhatever
5th- Choir
6th- there is none!


July 30 2006

camp was amazing

MATTRESS is going to be GREAT

i love my friends


July 14 2006

I am leaving for camp on sunday. it will be fun

rehearsals for mattress are in gear and its going to be great

tonight im going to see forum with lindsay and x-tina.

have a good week!


June 28 2006

i got Duantless in Mattress this fall at the center... im pretty freaking excited!!!!!!

Corrine got Larken- and im so excited.

Im so hoping Rachel and Jackie get the next call!

My cell phone bill is still staring me down with a knife

im about to die

June 27 2006

i went $70 over on my phone bill...

i hate how stupid i feel now.


June 18 2006

Christina is a MoFo that went back to gov school.

In remembrence...

we will miss you.

I Saw Blue Lights...

June 15 2006

I saw blue lights this morning when i got pulled over for not yeilding to a police officer (even though i didnt have to). He looked at my license and let me go, though, with out a ticket or warning.

Yesterday was fun, i spent the day in nashville with Tiff. we experienced:

  • tower records

  • briley parkway and the torn up roads

  • San Antonia Taco, Co- and writing on the wall

  • the Parthenon

  • Bicentineal Mall and the fountains

  • mad searching for Tpac

  • traffic getting home.

It was an amazing day

Atlanta Traffic

June 07 2006

Atlanta Traffic definatly SUCKS.

Like 2 hours worth of suck.

I am about to leave suburban Altanta and drive to Athens (known for its crack rings and the georgia bulldogs- how exciting) to pick up my brother.

We drove thru Atlanta yesterday and the following happened:

  • An arab followed us begging for money

  • We got lost in the ghetto- the ATLANTA ghetto (far more scary than the murfreesboro one)

  • got stuck in traffic for a long time

  • our laptop car charger started smoking- it was fun.

I will be home tonight.... thank god.

three random thoughts

June 02 2006
60 people in chamber choir... dang thats a big numberChristina is going to governors school- thus she sucks...I am stage managing Sordid Lives and hopeufully doing Once Upon A Mattress at the Center. So this summer will be theatrically enlightening to me. I am mucho excited.

Summer Theory

May 30 2006


So this summer i have decided will be a very "mellow" one. i am  not going to stress over done stuff- i am going to do some stuff i have never done before and didnt expect to, sleep as late as possible, do some theatrical stuff, and hang out as much as possible with as many friends as possible. one thing that my chamber kids have taught me is that its not fun to be uptight all the time.... thus im laying back a little. here's to summer time... =)


May 26 2006
So i decided that you shouldnt get mad. you should go to the dollar tree buy a cheap glass vase and write all over it about whats going on with a sharpie. then take it at night to the field by "hobo-land" and smash it...with a hammer... hard. it feels really good.

brave new world

May 25 2006

So this is a new adventure for me... PHUSEBOX. it is exciting. I hope everyone is having a nice summer and so yeah... im going to try to go figure this whole thing out.

PS- That profile pic is me- the real Miss SHS.