October 10 2005
omg, I am SO excited about this. I'm on student government (hehe I'm a 'senator') and I just got our newsletter and in it, our school president was talking about the trip to Ireland. I'm definitely going. It'll cost around $2500-$3000 to go plus tuition....... But I have $6000 per semester in scholarship money so......... I don't know if that also includes summer courses or what..... I have to find out how that all works. But going to Ireland will also count for an elective or liberal arts credit........ omg I am SO excited! Ok, here's something about me that some of you may know (if you're close to me), I am REALLY big on my celtic history. My dad's family is half Irish and half Scottish (my last name is Scottish) and I LOVE Celtic history and I know A LOT about my Scottish past. Any way, so yeah, HOLY CRAP! I'm going to Ireland for 3 weeks in June! But one of the things about this trip that I'm psyched about is the fact that we get to learn how to speak Gaelic..... yeah I'm a dork but at least I have fun being one =)


October 11 2005
Whoah, congratulations! I'm sure you'll have a blast. Maybe you could get that tattoo you were talking about in Ireland, which would make it all the more awesome.


October 15 2005
how awesome is that!! you've always wanted to go to Ireland!! you're sooo lucky!!! i'm happy for ya!! and i'm sorry i haven't been able to get back to you till now!! things are crazy, as i'm sure you would know! lol! well take care, hope things are going great...sounds like they are, :) love ya tons! talk to ya soon!