Costumes of October

October 06 2005
I am BEYOND happy that it is finally October. I am a cold weather person. I can't help it, I'm still Northern at heart. You wouldn't think that St. Louis weather would be that different, but it REALLY is. I like summer, but I'm miserable more than half the time that I am outside, so I can't truly enjoy myself. Plus, I'm fair so I burn easily and that's no fun. I don't know, I can't really explain the effects cold weather has on me. For example, one day last week (Thurs. maybe?) the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny, mid 60's, and windy. I was giddy with joy the entire day. Most of my friends were complaining about how cold it was and how they wish they had a jacket...... I, on the other hand, am going out of my way to be outside as much as posible and of course I'm wearing a sleeveless top. But that's how I am in cooler weather..... giddy. That's the word, cold weather makes me giddy. I remember it was a year ago that I was talking to Aimee Davis in the art room about how excited I was about it being October. I work at Hot Topic in the Stones River mall in M'boro and every weekend we have to wear a costume. I'm glad I have a lot of costumes that i've made over the years because it will be costume crazy/hell for me. Oh listen to this. My friend Beth's b-day is next weekend so she's having a costume party......... Well, there's 5 of us as friends and we've decided to dress up as 5 out of 6 of the village people but obviously, a lot more feminine. Well here's the funny part..... I'm the biker. So since I work at H-Topic and get a discount, I bought this patent leather black corset. This is going to be one of the funniest things. I'll be sure to post some pictures of us all dressed up.


October 09 2005
that's a really cute idea to dress up as feminine village people. i, too, have been looking forward to october for a loooooong time.