Nothing to do.....

October 03 2005
For once, I can sit and do nothing, knowing I don't have any class work......... such a nice feeling =) I just watered my flowers. I bought 6 mums and they're huge =) Fall is my all time favorite season of the year and mums just really put me in the mood since they're a fall flower. They were cheap at Walmart, so I kinda went crazy with how many I bought and how big they all are. But hey, I think I have the prettiest balcony in my apartment complex =) I can't wait for them to bloom. I bought them with only buds on them so I could enjoy them actually blooming because if you buy a mum that already has open blooms, they're already bloomed out...............

Ok, I'm pretty sure you all care about my flowers and all but I'll stop talking about them. Oh, listen to how aggrivating this is...... I haad to have this mat board cut for one of my projects and once I got it home, they cut the thing wrong...... =P So I'm am now currently saving up for my very own mat cutter. Since I'm in an art school, I believe I'll need it often.

Oh my....... I'm watching Amerca's Funniest Home Videos and there was a clip of this Brittish guy talking and a fly went into his mouth =P...... gag

Ok, I'm going to go find something to do


October 04 2005
can i just say that i love this picture! omgoodness...i don't know even how to explain it, but i love it! good job! you're such a great artist...i love it! take care, ttyl! love ya!