October 01 2005
Hm ok I guess I should type something other than "I'm new, blah blah blah" since that seemed so interesting =) Oh well. So here it goes. Right now I'm sitting here in my apartment in Franklin alone because both of my roommates went home for the weekend. I was in M'Boro earlier because I had to work last night and this morning and I went ahead and just drove back this afternoon since I have a few projects for my classes due this week. So here I am. I took a break though to get on the computer......... like 2 hours ago actually, lol long break. But I'm taking advantage of it since I don't get many of them. But It's worth it because I'm doing what I love despite the fact that I don't have a whole lot of time to myself. I'm going to an art school. An AMAZING art school too called O'More College of Design. A lot of people who don't know that much about it think that art students are kinda lazy. Not anywhere near that. Each night I'm usually up until 2 am just working. But when you've got $12,000 in scholarships to a $13,000 tuition school, you too would have the incentive to stay up and get your work done. But I've found a wonderful school where I know that I will be somewhere after I graduate and not be a starving artist....... yet that does seem romantic.......... NOT. I don't know. I guess after months of being unhappy because of a REALLY bad relationship that I used to be in ( I ended it last spring), I'm happy. And I can say that and have it be the truth. I've been happy since last spring because for once, EVERYTHING in my life was in order and fine and dandy. I should have listened to a lot of people during that time of my life, but I've learned. And I would have never learned unless I finally saw what everyone else was seeing. But yeah any way...... Since I'm majoring in graphic design, I'm constantly having to find advertisements for one of my classes. And that means buying a lot of magazines........ But now I finally have a reason to buy Vogue (both US and British), Bazzar, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and then some. I've never been really big on buying magazines because I kinda didn't care to. But searching for ads is actually fun......... Hm...... college. The only bad thing is that I haven't had time to see my friends. For example, Aimee Davis, we've tried to plan to hang out a couple times but planning and timing just doesn't quite mesh. At least she doesn't live that far from me since I moved to Franklin (that's where O'More is) and she's going to Lipscom (sp?). Oh well. I guess I'll end my...... eh hmm....... 'short' break and get back to those lovely projects of mine, lol. Ta ta


October 02 2005
SARAH!!! omgosh, i'm so glad you got one of these sites! i miss seeing you in art class everyday! how are things? it good to hear you enjoying college!! that's awesome!! well i hope to talk to you soon! keep smiling pretty girl! love ya, take care!