Life's a roller coaster, baby!

February 24 2006
Hm........ well...... maybe life isn't that complicated =) I don't know, life's pretty much a roller coaster, and has been for me for the past 5 years now..... but the roller coaster is up and I am really happy right now........ Lots of reasons. It's just..... everything's coming together for me right now, so I'm going to enjoy every bit of it, while still earning it and not taking anything for granted.


March 10 2006
hey girl!! yea, i'm back in town now, and i'm stayin' for a bit! by a bit, meaning in a few years! :D anyways, i hope all is well! And things are going great at your college! let me know whenever you get back into town! take care girl! love ya!

Super Ste

March 26 2006
i miss you too!<br>i hope school's going well. i went on the tour and i loved it! but i'm still really undecided about where i wanna go... =<br>anyway, i'll see you later. xoxoxo