UPDATE... on my life as of now

August 21 2006
So..... my life right now in an updated entry....

-roommies got kicked out so now I have a 3 bedroom apt. all to myself at the moment. I'm gonna wait a while and actually find someone worth living with vs. being paired up with someone I have nothing in common with by my school....

-Ireland was absolutely amazing and I want to go back as soon as possible. I spent 3 weeks over there and I fell in love with it. I'd have pictures up, but I don't have any because my digital camera broke the second day I was there and disposable cameras were way too expensive... meaning about $17 US dollars. Heh.... Oh well. A lot of my friends took pictures so I should get some soon.

-Family is wonderful right now. I haven't hung out with my parents for a while just because life is what it is right now, but my parents and I went out to eat the other day and my mom was driving. Before she got in, my dad opened the door for her and closed it for her once she was situated. They've been married for 33 years as of Aug. 17th and they still do little stuff like that.

-Friends are wonderful..... in December, my bf and I are driving to St. Louis to go to my best friend's wedding in which I am the maid of honor. Then after the wedding, we're going to spend a few days visiting my family that I haven't seen in a few years. And they get to meet Jared which I'm pretty excited about.

-Jared (bf) is wondrful. 6 months for us on Aug 22 and not to be corny, but I love him very much and he feels the same. For once, I feel like an adult in a relationship and it's great. We can be goofy at the same time too though, I just don't feel like I'm baby-sitting half the time with him. Yep, I'm in love

-College...... started my second year of college last Thursday, tomorrow (Monday) is the first full day. I have 4 classes on Mondays so I'm at O'More from 9 a.m. to 5:40 p.m....... bleh..... oh well. And I have one class on Tuesdays/Thursdays. Wednesday I have the same 3 classes, but one from Monday is only a Monday classes..... so..... 3 hour break on Wednesdays. No Fridays class....... YAY =) I'm on Student Government again this year. I love it. I love college. I stay busy, but I love what I'm doing and how many people can say that, right?

-Ok..... so that wasn't a short entry, but I figured I need to to catch up on things since it's been a while. I'm going to go to sleep though since I have to wake up in like 3 hours for class.... woo hoo.... lol


June 28 2006
Sssooooooo...... I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time, how is everyone? (If you actually read this)


March 27 2006
Hey, a friend of mine from school told me about this not too long ago over MySpace, but I wanted to tell all of you about this too on Phusebox..... It's a benefit for an orphanage in Haiti and all the information about it is all below... let me know if you have any questions, and I can ask my friend... Thanks!!!!!!!

The Secret Garden: A Spring Ball: @ the Factory in Franklin

March 31, 2006

Building 8 230 Franklin Road Franklin, TN 37065
7:00-11:00PM-(Sorry but the factory makes us stop then, but we can party after)

$10.00 per person at the door
Plus bring a small item (required in order to attend) to donate to Haiti.
like Small Toys, Medicine, Kool Aid, Silly Puddy, Bubbles, Popcorn Kernals, etc.

Contact: 615.403.0513

Bring a date or not come dressed up and ready to dance.

100% of the proceeds will go to Restoration Ministries in Haiti where they help the needs of the community though food, clothes, education and so much more.

Life's a roller coaster, baby!

February 24 2006
Hm........ well...... maybe life isn't that complicated =) I don't know, life's pretty much a roller coaster, and has been for me for the past 5 years now..... but the roller coaster is up and I am really happy right now........ Lots of reasons. It's just..... everything's coming together for me right now, so I'm going to enjoy every bit of it, while still earning it and not taking anything for granted.


February 06 2006
Life shouldn't be THIS complicated.... but I guess it wouldn't be life if it was easy

So... My Life as of Now

December 30 2005
Well here's a recap of the last semester.... I figured I'd post this before Christmas is here.

So....... first up it "love-lives"
1) I started this semester in a relationship that ended a little more than a month ago...
2) realized another relationship and I are better friends than dates
3) now single and I haven't been for a long period of time since I was 15... I'm 19 now. I haven't dated a whole lot, it's just that each relationship that I've been in have all been REALLY long and back to back.
4) my roommate Anette got enganged and married
5) my friend Beth got engaged

1) I have AMAZING parents and I know I am lucky to have the relationship that I have with them
2) Dad had surgery to have his thyroid removed because of a benign (sp?) growth and the doctors found a growth in his lung which they've decided is also benign.... my dad doesn't smoke or drink and the doc's said that's a huge reason as to why it's benign.
3) Mom and my aunt's relationship is getting better and better each day (had a falling out a while back that they've gotten over now)

1) with my wonderful gift of a scholarship, I would have been happy to have gotten through this semester with a 3.5....... I got a 4.0
2) Wonderful school and I've found my niche
3) I've made SO many friends at O'More that I cherish SO much....... Anette, Van, Beth, Micah, Catie, Clair....... and more
4) I never did get involved in the whole "high school" scene, but yet I've managed to get myself onto SGA.......? So far so good =)

1) I still work at Hot Topic in the Stones River mall in M'boro and I love that job. I've been there since October of 2004 and like I said, I love it =)
2) They understand that I live in Franklin so it's hard for me to get into town and they REALLY work with me on my schedule.

My Health and Body
1) ok, I'm thin, but not as healthy as I look, so my goal is to work out somewhat everyday starting next semester.
2) I got my wisdom teeth taken out last Wednesday (12-21) and my mouth/face didn't swell, or bruise, or anything. I was even able to work that Friday.
3) I'm getting my two small tattoos on my feet REALLY soon which I've decided are going to be very small shamrocks..... They won't be larger than a dime, and I'll have one on each foot in my arch. Yes I know it'll hurt... a lot
4) Oh, and I'm going to start becoming a vegetarian I think. I'm researching it right now to see what I need to do in order to still get all the nutrients I need that meat provides....just minus the 'meat' part

So....... that's my life as of now.

4.0 !!!!!!!!

December 15 2005
Ha..... I just got my report card for the first semester of college and I actually got a 4.0! I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a G.P.A. like that........ probably not since 6th grade =) I mean, I graduated from high school with a 3.6 which I thought was pretty good and I was expecting to receive the same or close to it for the first semester of college..... I was REALLY not expecting a 4.0............. yeah... I'm kinda giddy at the moment.

Whew........ some pressure on the shoulders has been lifted a bit since I'm still kinda stressing over my scholarship.... but not as much as I was now =)

Good luck to everyone else too though since I'm not alone in this as far as it being the end of a semester!!!

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MOUSE...... I caught a mouse last night

December 07 2005
Ok, so we had a bit of a mouse problem =P But I took care of it. We had called the maintanence (sp?) people the other day when we saw the mouse. On Monday, maintenance came by and set out sticky traps........ well, I have my own trap. It's called a "Have a Heart" trap where it just catches the mouse with out hurting it. There's a little tray on the inside where you just put a little bit of food (peanut butter) and once the mouse adds the tiniest bit of pressure on the tray, both doors on each end close and lock so the mouse can't get out. Then all you do, is take the mouse to a different location and let it go.......... I hid the sticky traps in a place where a mouse couldn't get to them....... I REFUSE to kill mice....... and yes, I am an animal freak..... I don't even kill bugs except for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos......... if I find a spider, I just put a cup over it and slide a piece of paper under the cup and take it outside. I've never understood why people kill things........ why can't people take the time to be nice to things and just let them go. They didn't know any better, they're just creatures just trying to live. But yeah, like I said, I caught the mouse and let him go outside FAR away from the apartment so now he can live =) I still have my trap set up just in case there are relatives running around or something........

JUST MARRIED................ (no not me..... got ya!)

December 03 2005
Ok, so my roommate, Annete, got married today in Cookville and I got to be a bridesmaid =) I put up some new photos from the wedding and the reception.........

Oh the wonderful emotions............

November 20 2005
Oh wow.......... it's been a crazy 2-3 (lost track) weeks..... so I ended a relationship (some of you met him) a few weeks ago that I feel actually ended 5 months ago when he moved to CT......... I just made it official basically and did what we were both avoiding.......................

But I've started a new one. We've been together before at the beginning of 10th grade, but I don't think the 'time' was right for us. And when we still liked each other, one of us wasn't available at the time.......... but the time is finally on our side and are together. We've both grown a lot since then I feel, and wow.......... *giddy*............ I feel we can make it this time around........ his name is Zach Ferrel =D

Tonight's Book Premier.....

November 10 2005
geez....... that was so awsome, I even got to autograph some books tonight =)

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

November 08 2005
OHHHHH ok.......... SOOOOOO freaking out right now..... you know that peacock mosaic that I helped with on that guitar? (look on my photos page) IT'S ON THE BOOK COVER of the book that's featuring all the "guitar town" guitars =) still freaking out..... but in a good way =D....... I put up an image of what the book looks like. ttyl!

Oh..... and I thought I might add this just for fun =)

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Shooting *STARS*

November 07 2005
Yeah........ so when I was driving home to Franklin last night from Murfreesboro, I took 840 so it was pitch black except for my head lights and I saw 3 shooting stars =) It was SOOO nice to see them...... I needed that

Haven't posted for a while......

October 25 2005
Hey, I just wanted to say 'hello' to anyone who reads this =)


October 10 2005
omg, I am SO excited about this. I'm on student government (hehe I'm a 'senator') and I just got our newsletter and in it, our school president was talking about the trip to Ireland. I'm definitely going. It'll cost around $2500-$3000 to go plus tuition....... But I have $6000 per semester in scholarship money so......... I don't know if that also includes summer courses or what..... I have to find out how that all works. But going to Ireland will also count for an elective or liberal arts credit........ omg I am SO excited! Ok, here's something about me that some of you may know (if you're close to me), I am REALLY big on my celtic history. My dad's family is half Irish and half Scottish (my last name is Scottish) and I LOVE Celtic history and I know A LOT about my Scottish past. Any way, so yeah, HOLY CRAP! I'm going to Ireland for 3 weeks in June! But one of the things about this trip that I'm psyched about is the fact that we get to learn how to speak Gaelic..... yeah I'm a dork but at least I have fun being one =)

Costumes of October

October 06 2005
I am BEYOND happy that it is finally October. I am a cold weather person. I can't help it, I'm still Northern at heart. You wouldn't think that St. Louis weather would be that different, but it REALLY is. I like summer, but I'm miserable more than half the time that I am outside, so I can't truly enjoy myself. Plus, I'm fair so I burn easily and that's no fun. I don't know, I can't really explain the effects cold weather has on me. For example, one day last week (Thurs. maybe?) the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny, mid 60's, and windy. I was giddy with joy the entire day. Most of my friends were complaining about how cold it was and how they wish they had a jacket...... I, on the other hand, am going out of my way to be outside as much as posible and of course I'm wearing a sleeveless top. But that's how I am in cooler weather..... giddy. That's the word, cold weather makes me giddy. I remember it was a year ago that I was talking to Aimee Davis in the art room about how excited I was about it being October. I work at Hot Topic in the Stones River mall in M'boro and every weekend we have to wear a costume. I'm glad I have a lot of costumes that i've made over the years because it will be costume crazy/hell for me. Oh listen to this. My friend Beth's b-day is next weekend so she's having a costume party......... Well, there's 5 of us as friends and we've decided to dress up as 5 out of 6 of the village people but obviously, a lot more feminine. Well here's the funny part..... I'm the biker. So since I work at H-Topic and get a discount, I bought this patent leather black corset. This is going to be one of the funniest things. I'll be sure to post some pictures of us all dressed up.

6: 24 a.m.......... I'm still awake

October 06 2005
I know I complain A LOT about how late I usually stay up because of the amount of classwork I have but honestly, I really am blessed to be going to the school that I am going to and to be receiving the education that I am. I am SO lucky.......... but I have worked my ass off for it the previous 4 years. I wasn't a 4.0 student or anything, but I am happy with the effort I put into my education. I did stay up late during high school and I remember thinking then "Damn, it's already midnight, I'm SO tired.... blah blah blah......" Well, now I think "Oh wow, it's ONLY midnight!" Welcome to life, you know? Well right now, it is 6:33 am and I am REALLY jittery........ I think the 3 mugs of black coffee (equal to about 6 cups total) did it. I'm not used to Caffine yet (getting there) so......... hehe..... yeah......... somewhat wired and I have been up since 8: 30 yesterday morning. So what is that...... 22 hours by now? Damn, lol. But I can't go to sleep now because #1 I'm jacked up on caffine and #2 my body won't be able to wake up when I need to. So, yeah I've pulled an all nighter but it seemed like a fairly short night. Probably because I was working non-stop on my Visual Communications project which is thankfully completed. My two roommates also pulled allnighters tonight and I was in charge of making coffee all night lol. I have to say, it was kinda fun..................... well,..... not really

Nothing to do.....

October 03 2005
For once, I can sit and do nothing, knowing I don't have any class work......... such a nice feeling =) I just watered my flowers. I bought 6 mums and they're huge =) Fall is my all time favorite season of the year and mums just really put me in the mood since they're a fall flower. They were cheap at Walmart, so I kinda went crazy with how many I bought and how big they all are. But hey, I think I have the prettiest balcony in my apartment complex =) I can't wait for them to bloom. I bought them with only buds on them so I could enjoy them actually blooming because if you buy a mum that already has open blooms, they're already bloomed out...............

Ok, I'm pretty sure you all care about my flowers and all but I'll stop talking about them. Oh, listen to how aggrivating this is...... I haad to have this mat board cut for one of my projects and once I got it home, they cut the thing wrong...... =P So I'm am now currently saving up for my very own mat cutter. Since I'm in an art school, I believe I'll need it often.

Oh my....... I'm watching Amerca's Funniest Home Videos and there was a clip of this Brittish guy talking and a fly went into his mouth =P...... gag

Ok, I'm going to go find something to do


October 01 2005
Hm ok I guess I should type something other than "I'm new, blah blah blah" since that seemed so interesting =) Oh well. So here it goes. Right now I'm sitting here in my apartment in Franklin alone because both of my roommates went home for the weekend. I was in M'Boro earlier because I had to work last night and this morning and I went ahead and just drove back this afternoon since I have a few projects for my classes due this week. So here I am. I took a break though to get on the computer......... like 2 hours ago actually, lol long break. But I'm taking advantage of it since I don't get many of them. But It's worth it because I'm doing what I love despite the fact that I don't have a whole lot of time to myself. I'm going to an art school. An AMAZING art school too called O'More College of Design. A lot of people who don't know that much about it think that art students are kinda lazy. Not anywhere near that. Each night I'm usually up until 2 am just working. But when you've got $12,000 in scholarships to a $13,000 tuition school, you too would have the incentive to stay up and get your work done. But I've found a wonderful school where I know that I will be somewhere after I graduate and not be a starving artist....... yet that does seem romantic.......... NOT. I don't know. I guess after months of being unhappy because of a REALLY bad relationship that I used to be in ( I ended it last spring), I'm happy. And I can say that and have it be the truth. I've been happy since last spring because for once, EVERYTHING in my life was in order and fine and dandy. I should have listened to a lot of people during that time of my life, but I've learned. And I would have never learned unless I finally saw what everyone else was seeing. But yeah any way...... Since I'm majoring in graphic design, I'm constantly having to find advertisements for one of my classes. And that means buying a lot of magazines........ But now I finally have a reason to buy Vogue (both US and British), Bazzar, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and then some. I've never been really big on buying magazines because I kinda didn't care to. But searching for ads is actually fun......... Hm...... college. The only bad thing is that I haven't had time to see my friends. For example, Aimee Davis, we've tried to plan to hang out a couple times but planning and timing just doesn't quite mesh. At least she doesn't live that far from me since I moved to Franklin (that's where O'More is) and she's going to Lipscom (sp?). Oh well. I guess I'll end my...... eh hmm....... 'short' break and get back to those lovely projects of mine, lol. Ta ta

I'm new.....

October 01 2005
Ok, A LOT of my friends are on "phusebox" so I've now decided to join. So here I am!