July 25 2005
bOred..just updating..bout to go swimming...you kids have fun today! mk? lOL..ilu ilu ilu soo very very much bye bye
*MuAh* lOv3 lOv3

Photo From RhScHiCk096

July 18 2005

photo from RhScHiCk096
Me n LInds felt like getting perty so we dressed up n took pics!! HOpe you like!!

Im BaCk!

July 16 2005
hEy EvErYoNe!?! omg i had tons of fun in Cali!! it was like the bEstEst trip ive ever been on..well i use to live there n i member lOts of stuff..bUt its ChangeD sOOo much!! Soo mUch mOre crowded!! gah!! :) well i still had an awesome time and my summer is like soo GrEaT!! Well Im not gonna write a bundle of details cuz i dont feel like doin that junk..lOl well i hope you guys leave me sum remarks!! i lOve you and i missed you all!! ToOtLeS


June 29 2005
hEy GorGeoUs PpL!! How yOo all dOin?!? I hOpe gOOd! Im just updatin cuz im bOred..lOl n like i dOnt have rly nything tO dO..but i think that this will be my last entry till i get back..Im sOo happy bOut gOin tO Cali i cannOt wait!! wooo its gOnna be sO awesOme!! lOl..Okey dOkey well i hOpe i cOme back tO happy campers..lOl n lOts of reamarks.. :) Have a BlAsT!! hey yOo guys plz keep Lindsays family in ur prayers cuz her Great Grandfather just past away.. alright you kiddos have fun now..lOl Make good Choices!!


June 25 2005
O my gah! yay..im UnGrOuNdEd!! lOl..woo woo..go me..jk lOl..so umm grounded rly wasnt all that bad cuz i still got to text..lOl..n then umm yesterday i went to Allisons bday party..so much fun! lOl..so how is all of my friends?? i wanna know so just leave a remark when u have time! lOl..okey dokey..o n umm today was a BLAST! lOl..i went to this lil cabin/lake thing for my moms work ppl or w.e. lOl n it was just soooo fun!! okey dokey well too much info to tell what i did but perty much i just relaxed with friends/family! its good to take a break once in a while..lOl mk well im done now.. ilu all *MuAh*

ThE WoRsT nIgHt!

June 17 2005
Im soo upset.. there is no time to explain but this was THE worst night EVER! i will never ever forget this..im soo mad n sad ahhh who knows what but im grounded for a week so i wont be on for like a long time! well kinda..but you get my point..please please leave me sum remarks to come back to..well everyone have a wonderful week n please do the right thing or ull end up how i did..ilu all..rly i mean it..well goodbye

HaPpY bIrThDaY tO PaIgE!!!!!!

June 17 2005
ITs PaIgEs BiRtHdAy So Be SuRe To SaY tHaT tO hEr!!

OkAy So YeStErDaY wAs Ok..I mOwEd OuR fRoNt lAwN iN tHe MoRnIn N tHe BaCk In ThE aFtErNoOn!! lOl..PrEtTy BoRnInG, bUt ThE gOoD pArT iS iT wAsNt So HoTt! lOl, BuT nYwAyS uMm LiNdS cAmE OvEr YeStErDaY n We JuSt HuNg OuT n DaNcEd..lOl n ThEn WhEn ShE lEft I aTe DiNnEr N tHeN i HaD tO gEt StArTeD oN oNe Of My SuMmEr ReAdInG bOoKs!! BoO.. i StArTeD wItH rEbEcCa! ItS kInDa CoNfUsIn BuT yEt InTeReStInG aT tHe SaMe TiMe! O wElL nYwAyS tOdAy LInDs Is CoMmIn OvEr n We ArE gOnNa LaYoUt So We CaN gEt A TaN!! lOl.. N ThEn LaTeR tOnIgHt WeRe GoIn To ThE mOvIeS tO sEe IdK..lOl n ThEn Im SpEnDiN ThE NiGhT aT hEr HoUsE! WeLl ThAt PrEtTy MuCh Is EvErYtHiNg I wAnTeD tO sAy!! Oh Wait!! o my ga I aM gOiN tO tHe SoUnDs GaMe On SaTuRdAy..ShOuLd bE fUn CuZ i LikE bAsEbAlL..oKeY dOkEy tHaTs It NoW! ToOtLeS


June 16 2005
GoOd MoRnIn!!! WhAtS uP?? lOl.. umm I jUsT tHoT iD sAy ThAt CuZ iM lIkE bOrEd n BoUt To Go MoW tHe LaWn..Im DrEaDiN iT! lOl..WeLl I gUeSs JuSt LeAvE mE a ReMaRk, *PlEaSe* bye.

NeW mEmBeR!i

June 15 2005
HeY gUyS!! i HoPe YoO lIkE mY pICs..YoO cAn JoIn If YoO wAnT..lOl
wElL tHAtS aLl..ByE