September 18 2005
HeY kIdS! like my new sunglasses?!?!? i sure do..they may look gay but i like em..hehe lol..welp lets see we beat LaVergne! hahah yep goo RHS..we RoCk! nyways skool is just AwEsOmE..today was fun well thats bout it..hope you kids have fun fun fun this week! ilovelovelove you! bye bye


September 18 2005
i loooooooove u!


September 19 2005
I have first lunch tuesday


September 21 2005
i like your glasses...ahh..i wish i had a pair..im jealous..really i am!..lol.. in that pic you look so gangster..like seriously..ugh..thanks for my comment..it's gotten worse..just read my new entry for details..i hate her so much