September 02 2005
GrEaT nIgHt!!!
omg i just lOvEd it!!! It was FaNtAsTiC..pretty sure we beat BlAcKmAn 63-0 wow! lol..umm all i can say is Go WoRrIoRs!!! lOl..well umm oo i got to meet someone tonight..hah TaNnEr n DrEw..hehe lOl..there really cool n sweet...but yeah well guess thats all hope you kids had fun! hehe t2yl bye bye


September 03 2005
oMg. great game wasnt it?


September 03 2005
lol...mk mk mk mk mk...lol that was a nice one Myriah

Darth Vader

September 04 2005
hey well it was great meetin u and lindsey and ur bodyguards maybe we could all meet up again sumtime at starbucks and play candyland


September 10 2005
your so fun Myriah...


September 15 2005
Homecoming is in 5 weeks for me >.< I still don't have a dress..... but go to my site on this and look at my shoes!!! lol


September 16 2005
Saw U 2nite. Heh