December 12 2005

dOnT yOo jUst AbSolUteLy lOVE hOw tEaChERs tAke uP aLl yOoR tIme by gIVinG yOo lOaDs oF wOrK?!?



December 13 2005
notta lot here....i have to stay home today cause im *sick* ha ha ha. ttyl. later.

Henri Laswell

December 13 2005
i was born there, but i came to the U.S. when i was little. homework is assigned for beneficial reasons.


December 14 2005
hey hey hey! gahly! i havent left ya one in a while and thought i should! haha hope ya do good on the friggin math exam! ugh! why why why do we have to have them? haha.. well see ya monday gurly!


December 15 2005
thanks for the remark on my chatter box....didnt know u had a zanger. well later


December 31 2005
Happy Newyears!


January 07 2006
wow..been a while..been extra busy too, like woah...broke up with matt, workin 40 hour weeks..thats as much as a full time job!!..woahhh..see you at school.. Stay gangster... Peace easy

Allen Guimbellot

January 12 2006
hey babe im in 4th so yeah allen