Why Should I Compromise To Your Standards?

April 21 2006

So, If you say something is right, should I listen? Or Should I find out for myself, and prove you wrong...What do you think. I got in a debate in 3rd with my friend about religion. It didn't hurt our relationship, but we both knew what we we're talking about. We were able to talk during class but me and Spencer were so interesting, everyone was quiet and would ocassionaly look back and listen. He is the kind of religious people I like; They don't gloat about it, they don't think they are better than everyone else: Love. I'm reading this book about Inner Peace, and it's very interesting. I havent updated in a while but yea, I<3Debating.

Leave some,


I Watched Brokeback Moutain...It Was Good

April 13 2006

Man , That movie was sad. It was actually pretty good. Even if your not really into the whole gay thing, it's still a good movie. People say it's nasty..It only has one sex scene...People need to learn that, lets see there best friend is probably Bi/Gay, just to scared because their "friend" is always hating on them..W/e, atleast it's more accepted now than it was back in 1960's. I hope that a homophobe's friend comes out to him of like 21 years..damn people.


April 04 2006

Man , Gym+Weightlifting=Sore Thomas.

I hurt like a bia, insane-ness. I've watched Memoirs of a Geisha..3 times now, freakin love that movie. Typing is so boring , i'm glad there is internet haha. I don't have anything to do this weekend, anyone wanna do something?


New Pictures Fo Chu!

March 21 2006

This one

And This One , That Was My Outfit For The Today lol.



March 17 2006

I Hate The Cold...

It's A freakin Bitch.

Coldness is crap,

Reminds me of not having anyone

To Warm Up With..


Well This Is Dandy

March 13 2006

My day Has Been...

Freakin Wonderfulistic!


Possible Picture Taking (Click Hurr)

March 07 2006

New Bedset + New Hair =


But do you want em? Cause I'm not taking pictures nobody wants to laugh/look at lol..



March 06 2006

holllllla lol , ill take a picture n put it on here at home.

Blond = Alright

I Wish I Could Freakn

March 01 2006

This Sucks..

Heidi is moving to Colorado next Wednesday,

It Bites', I Wish That I Could DATE SOMEONE

Jesus , Always Something That Prevents Me From

Doing So. It's A Hoe..

I Need To Go Tanning , My Parents Wont Take Me.

I'm Always Hungry Around 6th (Right Now)

I Want To Be Able To Drive

And I Want To Do W/e I Feel Like

Last Night Was Saddening , And Of Course My

iPod Is Phsycic Or Something , It Played

Depressing Songs

The Whole Night , And Guess What..

I Cracked and I Cryed A Little , Don't Care.

I Want Some Mexican Food...



February 28 2006

So , I'm bored outa my mind in 6th.

Waiting to go home..

Hmm...Anybody wanna pick me up from school


And we can go eat or something , and be best friends lol!


(Live In Murfreesboro lol.)

Gah , I Need A Bf With A Car

February 27 2006

Thats pretty much damn it...,

Message me on aim borednesss , or w/e


Guys , Girls , Guy Or Girl?

February 23 2006

This Sucks, I Like TWO People,

                    Of Different Genders

 So There Is Both Pro's n Con's To Both.

 I'm In Second Period and Mr.Bryant Is The Coolest.

But , Both Are Good Looking , And Nice to Meh

(To My Knowledge)

Both Good Kissers Too..Well , One Is. lol.

I'm Listening to Me n You*Remix Over n Over lol.

I Mean Jesus, I Can't Choose.



This Is A Lesser Version Of Myspace loll.

February 21 2006

Well Damn. Ok well I got one of these so I can do something at school , instead of work loll.

Owell , Bored.