February 06 2006

   Whew. The Superbowl party was fun. I dint actually watch it though. There were lots of people in my house that are my husbands friends who reeeally like football. It is commendable, but not my style. Once my musician friends got there I felt much better.

   I am trying to whip up some new tunes for the band and I am feeling good about what we are doing.

   I am also trying to shape up a little. I have been walking more, eating really healthy, and not eating 3 hours before bed. I have always been this size, but if I couls slim up a little I would be thrilled. And I can't help but think that I should be slim so that I wont cringe in my artist pics as well as live shows.


March 03 2006
you resemble Drew Barrymore in the face.