July 01 2005
Hello fellow phuseboxers....
Did you guys know that God is truely amazing??? well, guess what?!? He is...
wow.... If you don't know God and have experienced Him fully, let me tell you something... you're missing out on A LOT!!! :D He's soo incredible!! I just thought I'd let you guys know... ;) Take care you crazy folks...
God bless you all! Mucho love!


June 28 2005
geez you guys... ya'll are so boring... ;)


June 28 2005
Hello all.... How's everyone been doing lately?? I hope your days are full with joy and gladness... ;) Well, there's nothing really goin on right now in Tiff-ville. I'll talk to you guys later! God bless!

I never know what to put in this thing...

June 25 2005
Is it just me... or is all the people who have a phusebox besides me are from Murfreesboro, TN??? I think I just may be the one and only person who isn't from there... I've never even BEEN there.... hummm......


June 23 2005
You guys are boring... no one ever leaves me comments.... I guess that's life when you're an outcast... :(
jk.... kinda


June 22 2005
wow... i haven't updated since Father's Day.... hm...

A Day for Fathers...

June 19 2005
Happy Fathers Day to all them dads out there.... if you don't have a dad, I'm sorry... I know how it is to lose or not have a parent! But God is always there no matter what through the thick and thin... He's the best Dad there ever was!!! As much as I love my dad my Heavenly Father is a much bigger and better Dad with the ability to love me much more... ;) Well, later for now to all you folks out there! And may our Heavely Father bless you richly (not just in money ;) )!! :D


June 17 2005
My dog almost got bit yesterday by a snake... it was scary! I love my dog way too much! :D Bye for now! God bless everyone!


June 16 2005
Don't you hate boring days? Me too.


June 15 2005
My car wouldn't crank today after church, so we had to get a ride from my Grandma.... otherwise, there's not much going on in Tiffany-World.....
Later! God bless always!


June 14 2005
how's everyone doing? I hope good. There's not too much goin' on right now. I've been pretty bored lately. well, guess that's it for me!
Later! God bless!


To whom this may concern: :)

June 12 2005
I'm still pretty new to all of this. It's pretty cool, cause most of the people on here I relate to me quite a bit. If anyone would like, you can "comment" me. It's free, I promise. ;) Til' then, or until the next time I write. Laterness. Much love to all and to all much love! God bless every single one who reads this, and even the people who don't! Cya.



June 10 2005
This is my new "site" i guess you could say... Thought I'd try it out! Much love to all and to all much love! God bless!