I'm Outahere!!!

May 24 2006
Greetings family and friends!!
Well, the time has finally arrived!!! YAHOO!! I board my first flight from Knoxville to Atlanta in the morning. By the time most of you read this I will probably be on my way to Salt Lake! I should arrive in Bozeman tomorrow afternoon and will hit the ground running!! I have finished packing but that's not the end of it. Of course I will be going over things in my head all night tonight! So with this said, I am signing off for awhile or at least until I am able to get to some sort of Internet access. Again I am assuming that the access is very limited so bear with me if you don't hear from me for a while. I will be contacting Mom and Dad when I can, so feel free to ask them. I cannot WAIT to start taking pictures so that you guys can experience this with me!!! I am soo excited but at the same time anxious and nervous. I love you all VERY MUCH and appreciate all the PRAYERS!!


All my love!!!
Sarah Campbell

P.S. I have been checking the weather and it will be in the low 60s as a high when I arrive and on Saturday the high is 45!!!!!!! Talk about major adjustment!!!

Showing up...

November 09 2005

"Abba (our Father) just wants us to show up.  We don't have to tarry at the tavern until purity of heart arrives.  We don't have to be shredded with sorrow or crushed with contrition.  We don't have to be perfect or even very good before God will accept us.  We don't have to wallow in guilt, shame, remorse, and self-condemnation...Even if we come back because we couldn't make it on our own, God will welcome us.  He will seek no explanations about our sudden appearence.  He is glad we are there and wants to give us all we desire."

Just made me think...