Where they leave you to die.

January 24 2007
I'm in the large room in the "Transitional Care Unit" in Macon, GA.

They call it "Transitional Care" because "it makes the transition easier" - Or so some random nurse said.

Basically what happens is they unplug all of your treatments: the heart monitors, the blood pressure cuffs, the radiation bag flowing into your IVs. They give you Morphine, Food, and Water.

And then you wait.

"It's up to him and God," said some pompous doctor, "to determine how long he lives."

There is no telling how many people have "made their trasition" here. All I know is it's cold, empty, and nearly lifeless here.

What scares me most?
I'm starting to feel numb to it all.


January 24 2007
I'm so sorry... and I understand exactly how you feel. It's tough. It was good seeing you on campus the other day!

the brian king kenobi

January 24 2007
i love you sooooo much and i am praying for you and your family. and if you need to talk, i'm here. don't forget that!