I Survived Brevard Distance Runners Camp

July 23 2006

I just got back from cross country camp last night. It was the best year ever! Here are some pictures...

Max and I were homonus omonused together. Btw, homonus omonusing is when Salty declares two people a camp couple.

Salty squirted everyone with water...teeheehee

The senior girls on the scariest rock ever! (John Rock) Which my camera almost rolled down and off of it...not good!

The whole cross country team on John Rock.

Trying on some crazy hats the night we went to Walmart.

Michelle and I trying to suck out the extra juice out of the ice thingy.

Sam and I practicing for the three legged race. Do I have to mention we lost?

Max and I trying to win the challenge where you put a Mentos in Diet Coke and try putting the cap on as fast as you can! We lost, diet coke in the eyes doesn't feel pleasant!

Hooker Falls!

The last night all the girls slept in one room.

The girls!

The Homonus Omonus couples.

The girls chilling in the hot yub with Salty.

Jessa and Nicky's fortress keeping invaders out of their bed...somehow I managed to get over it while I was sleep walking...

North Carolina is soo pretty!

Eric Bean

July 24 2006
Did Max actually talk this time around? Funny hominis ominus (that's my best attempt at spelling it), I know it was fun. I'll try to make it to a few practices to say hi to everybody even though I'm not training for anything now.