Nothing is keeping me from going to UTC

June 18 2006

I am going to UTC. Even if my mom doesn't even have faith in me that I will be able to get scholarships, a job, and get my times in cross country down. She fucking told me I'll be going to MTSU becuase I can't get a job, I won't be able to get scholarships cause I am too stupid (basically), and that I am not fast enough to run in college. I have to bring my time down a minute and I will be running in the 19s. That is good enough in most colleges. I hate how they aren't supportive. This is why I want to leave Murfreesboro sooo bad. I am sick of my parents. Right now I hate them for never pushing me in acedemics until it is too late and telling me I am not that great of a runner. I am really pissed off at them right now.

And seriously, who wants to go to a school (MTSU) and be in athletics where you can make the team, easily, but there isn't even enough money to have Men's soccer??

Eric Bean

June 19 2006
I don't think UTC is that expensive, is it? Even if you don't get scholarships, you could work through college to pay your own way if you really want to go. As far as scholarships are concerned, don't give up hope. There are an awful lot of them out there for really random things. Also, if you want to be really, inhumanly fast, the main thing holding you back is your breathing. I don't know any way to conquer that, but perhaps you can look for ways to make it slow you down less.

Hunter Barry

June 19 2006
Don't forget about the HOPE scholarship. That's an easy 3300 dollars a year. And the best way to be inhumanly fast is to try and convert yourself into a gaseuos form and pray for a blustery day. Now, I'm not sure how one could vaporize all their molecules, travel and then reorganize them into their original form, but barring that it should be easy. I'm no expert at college sports so is UTC so some of running powerhouse?


June 19 2006
thanks for the advice you two. yah, bad it isn't completely mental for needing to work hard...thats a bit easier to fix than! And to Hunter...UTC has amazingly fast girls! They had a senior run in the 17s I think for a 5K and the others were around 18 and 19. MTSU had girls in the 24s, which I can beat by at least 3 minutes.