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August 20 2006
This weekend we went to the Meadow Creek Motocross races in Crossville. This was my first experience with motocross. On Saturday they practiced most of the day. The track announcer, known as Bubba got married Saturday evening on a hill in the middle of the track. She married Virgil. Her real name is Valerie and his is Joshua.

Sunday was all out racing action. It was a blast to watch. It looks like it would be a lot more fun to participate.

By the way, we were there with our fellow members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Sunday started out with a Church Service on the bleachers. There were about 30 people there for service. We also got to open the "Riders Meeting" with prayer. We helped with registration, wedding set up, etc. We also prayed with some of the people there. Mostly we were just there to help out wherever needed. It's amazing how God can use you if you just make yourself available. Our motto is "Here when you need us". It was awesome. I was blessed.