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March 06 2006

Hey everybody well its been a long time since i gotten on here...but yeah.. ive had a great 3 months here at the beginning.. lol.. and and beth are still dating..we had to take some sorda of a little break which i think helped us and stuff.. but yeah.. im goin..PeaCe out... i love you beth!!



December 30 2005

Hey everybody, well Christmas was awsome and got lots of stuff. and yeah.. plus spent time with g/f and family which was crazy..and yeha im ready for new years tomorrow.. and yeah well im out..peace.. I love you Beth!!!



December 12 2005

Hey everybody, well im like really bored right now!! at school and yeah.. well yesterday was one of the best days that ive had in along time... just got to spend it with Beth and just hanging around with her is just great.. and stuff.. we have fun all the time.. and were so much alike that yall have no clue... and stuff... and Beth im thinking about you right now.. like yeah... lol .. well i have to go and yeah.. I love you Beth!!


Weeks EnDINg

December 09 2005

Hey everybody, well this computer that im on right now is like so cool cuz its bran new and i think that its only in the business classes cuz yeah were special liek that if you you knwo what i mean... and yeha... well im going over to wills night and just i guess chilling i dont want to go to the movies cuz Beth's not going and i wont feel right if i go and she doesn't.. and yeah im not goin without her.. i love her alot.. and im not ever going to leave her....I have weightlifting after school which sucks cuz i want to go home and chill and get on my computer at home cuz were getting the im going to go.. i love you beth!!!


WeeKEnd FiNAllY

December 02 2005

Well we finally made it to the weekend and yeah its going to be pretty fun for me.. tonight I'm going to this thing with Beth to see the tree here in downtown M'boro which is going to be very fun and yeah.. I have to come strait home from weightlifting and take like a 5min shower and get dressed because it doesnt end until 5:30 and shes picking me up at six and yah were going to go and hang out with each other and then tomorrow I'm going tover to Wills house and then were going to th state games which start at 3:00 and yeah we have alot of friends going and yeah I'm excited...well I'm out....Love You Beth!!!


the girlfriend

November 29 2005

i love you baby!!!and the thing is in m'boro not nashville!!ok???


November 29 2005

Well, tomorrow I get to see Beth at church which is going to be pretty cool because yeah I havent seen her since Sunday.... and then Thursday I'm going to try and go to her choir concert at her school which yeah that will be pretty funny seeing her sing.. and then Friday I'm going with her and her parents to Nashville to see them light up the Christmas tree which will be pretty cool.. and yeah then Blue Cross Bowl on Saturday.. 3 games.. and then Church on Sunday and thats about it.. and yeah.. Love you Beth!



November 22 2005

Hey everybody well whats happening its been a few since I updated well tomorrow Im hoping that tomorrow me and Beth can hang out some before the holiday... lol.. and yeah Friday I have to go shopping with my parents how fun is that. lol not really and yeah I want somebody to go with me..BETH your going ok.. well Im out yall.. PeaCe.. Love You Beth



November 15 2005

Hey guys, well this weekend was good I'm bored like sitting here in 2nd period not doing anything but chilling and about to do my work arent yall proud and stuff.. oh yeah.. well yeah I'm going to go before i get caught so I'm out.. PEaCe LOVe you Beth



November 14 2005

Hey everybody well I'm so freakin bored here at school and yeha have nothing to do if you knwo what i mean... and yeah... well i had a good weekend spent the whole time with my girlfriend.. and yeah i went over to her house on Saturday and then she come over Sunday and NO we didnt do the diry lil deed.. lol were not going to either.. well yeah but i had fun spending time with her... and yeah.. WEll love you Beth


NoTHIng tO Do

November 10 2005

Guys I'm so freakin bored right now there is like nothing to do at all... gosh... and yup yup.. Well I'm probably going to be able to go over to Beths house on Saturday and chill with her and yeah were so going to make dinner.. I wanna make it for her but idk if she'll let me but yeah Well.. yup I'm not aloud to go to the Riverdale game cause yeah I'm grounded and my moms letting me just do one thing this weekend and eah well i got to go. LOve you Beth



November 09 2005

Hey everybody well yeah I'm updating cause I have nothing better to do well I just did my speech that I've been working on for like a week and yeha I got a 93 on it.. Well yeah I sorda sucked it up.. but its an A but I wish I had gotten a better grade... Well yup I hope my parents let me go to the game on Friday with Beth and on Saturday let me go over there to her house... YUP... and us have some fun.. but idk what there going to say... my mom's still pissed at me.. but yeah.Well I'm out.. LOVE YOU BETH..



November 08 2005

Yup well, my teacher called my dad yesterday to tell him that I had looked off of my friends paper for an answer and yup my teacher saw me and it freaked me out cuz I'm scared as hell of my mom, and my dad he was pretty cool about it... but idk if I'm really grounded or what I dont think so though.. and yeah. I might even be able to go to the Riverdale game on Friday.. and get to hang out with my baby Beth!! OH YEAH!! lol.. Well I'm out.. PeaCe.. Love You Beth



November 07 2005

sorry baby---i did something soo heres my update again!!

hey y'all..this is beth updateing for josh...this is his girlfriend!lol!!!we spent all weekend together....again!!!lol fun!!!!friday-game..some shit went down!saturday-he took me out to dinner..well amber and cory were there!!!!then sunday-he came over and we like feel asleep in my bed which was we didnt do ...

hey baby-i love you soooooo better call when we when you gett home!!!


November 07 2005


November 06 2005

hey y'all..this is beth updateing for josh...this is his girlfriend!lol!!!we spent all weekend together....again!!!lol fun!!!!friday-game..some shit went down!saturday-he took me out to dinner..well amber and cory were there!!!!then sunday-he came over and we like feel asleep in my bed which was we didnt do anything!i dont care what willl says!!lol we played football and went on a walk!!!welp its late and im on the phone with josh!!!!lol soo leave him remarks!!!

hey baby!-i love you!

Game Tonight

November 04 2005

Well this weekend is going to awsome tonight I'm going to the Riverdale game with Beth and it's going to be great, and tomorrow then tomorrow night I'm taking her out to dinner to Applebee's.. our real first date and yeah fun fun...Well I'm out.. PeaCe



November 03 2005

Well I'm at school and yeah bored again today and yeah idk what im doing this weekend.. pobably goin gto spend time with Beth and yeah well..... i think im going to go before i get caught on the computer... and yeah on phusebox...PeaCe


Boring at school

November 02 2005

Well guys im at school right now being bored and yeah theres nothing to do and im in my 2nd period class and yeah its in mrs. myers class but you know she doesnt know that im on phusebox because were suppose to do a report and yeah haha im good if youknow what i mean oh oh dang.... well im out.. love you Beth


First Day of School

August 15 2005
Well the first day was bored in most of them but yep yep........and thursday is the our first football game oh startin........................what Ight well out. Peace