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I love lamp.

March 04 2006
So I have to watch my little brother.  Hes like 3 months old.  So I leave him in the living room hoping he wont cry.  Basically as soon as my rents get out of the house, he starts screaming.  So I leave him for a while hoping he might stop...  Yeah, he didnt.
So I bring him and this rocky thing into my room, turn on some Guns n Roses to drown out the noise and bam, he quits crying.
I turn them off, he starts again.  Back on, he quits!
Its amazing!  My lil bro digs GnR at 3 months!
Yeah... Kickin ass runs in the family, I tell ya what.

...Wow, Imma be such a good father :}


March 04 2006
impressive. i like it. <333's ::+::Chelsey::+::

Rachel Chase

March 04 2006
awwww lol thatz so cool!

Tara Jordan

March 04 2006
that is amazing truely genius guns n roses rock tooo


March 05 2006
i love desk.


March 06 2006
i love lamp- i LOVE lamp!!!!