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February 12 2006

What am I supposed to do?

Should I sit wait for you?

Listen to me screaming more.

So Perfection Through Silence by Finch is the only song that makes me feel better.  Honestly I dont know why.
I really need to quit being so serious.  Its not me :P

Oh well, I gotta get over this.  So, uh...  I hamsters, saddles, bananas, wallet, electric tape, advil, squares, and lighter fluid.
I really need something to do now...

I have no idea what can get my mind off of this.  Only thing thats helped thus far was talkin to my new buddy.  Cool cat, I tell ya what.

Jonathan Allmon

February 12 2006
Nick, we need to hang out next weekend.

Maria Renee Rodriguez Jimon

February 12 2006
you are one horny guy nick! muffin not satisfying like before?!?

Maria Renee Rodriguez Jimon

February 12 2006
awww!! nick, lets jump her!

Maria Renee Rodriguez Jimon

February 12 2006
aww... was she that bad?

Tara Jordan

February 12 2006
yaaaaay for new friends and yaaaay for cool cats