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February 08 2006
So I got this callendar, see...  And its got the beach on it, yeah?
And I really wanna go there.  I mean the waters so clear and blue...
And the sand and palm trees.  Ahh...  Makes me wish I had a cubicle just so I could stick it up in there and stair at it for a few hours.
Not really...  I really hate those Nasonex comercials with that shitily CGd bee.
Whew, terrible.
Star Wars Ep.3 was really good.
I wanna explore a cave.

So I played bass for like a week about 2 years ago.  I dont like to talk about it.  It would always stare at me as I slept...  Thinking of ways to get its thick strings around my neck.  Or maybe even hiding behind a door and making me walk into it and decapatating me.

Mmm, Im glad I live in the Boro.
Ride long mighty Epoch!


February 08 2006
beach is beautiful.... salt water is gross!!... and the boro ROX!!! ~tRISH


February 09 2006
''So I played bass for like a week about 2 years ago. I dont like to talk about it. " what happened? if i were you i'd play that bitch. oh& don't be a smart ass NEW REV NICK.

Lin-Z HackneY

February 09 2006
Woooo me too..but hell i have been single a ugly buffalo...haha that reminds me of the veggie tales song..everyones got a water buffalo...ok maybe u dont know it...


February 09 2006
Ah id love to go to the beach...the closest im getin to it right now is a lake in Alabama next week?!?! I love how you line of seriousness and then a line FULL of crazyness it <3

Lin-Z HackneY

February 10 2006
Manly man..where can i find one of those...u know oakland is full of black ppl asians and mexicans and im not into inter racial shi-iet But hm..most the white ppl see me as a sister...or they are like jock yes i am single meh