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March 21 2006
So, right now Im happy.  For real.

First thing Thirds

March 18 2006
I finally snuck out of my house last night.
Yeah, I felt pretty cool...
Opened the window, hopped onto the trash can, climbed down the fence.
Made me feel very much like a ninja.
Was never known I left my house... Damn, Im good :}

Act 2, The Prologue

March 16 2006
So we have progressed to Act 2.
Act 1 was amazingly short...  And I like it : }

Times are good.  These are always my favorite times of the relationship.
I dont want them to end...

I love it.

Act 1, Scene 2

March 15 2006
Im getting together with Sarah today.
Lets see how this goes...

Let us reflect...

March 07 2006
So there, I am, in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, at about 3 o'clock in
the morning, looking for one thousand brown M&Ms to fill a brandy
glass, or Ozzy wouldn't go on stage that night. So, Jeff Beck pops his
head 'round the door, and mentions there's a little sweets shop on the
edge of town. So - we go. And - it's closed. So there's me, and Keith
Moon, and David Crosby, breaking into that little sweets shop, eh.
Well, instead of a guard dog, they've got this bloody great big Bengal
tiger. I managed to take out the tiger with a can of mace, but the
shopkeeper and his son... that's a different story altogether. I had to
beat them to death with their own shoes. Nasty business, really, but
sure enough I got the M&Ms, and Ozzy went on stage and did a great

Crazy how this is what NewRevStudios was about a year ago...

I love lamp.

March 04 2006
So I have to watch my little brother.  Hes like 3 months old.  So I leave him in the living room hoping he wont cry.  Basically as soon as my rents get out of the house, he starts screaming.  So I leave him for a while hoping he might stop...  Yeah, he didnt.
So I bring him and this rocky thing into my room, turn on some Guns n Roses to drown out the noise and bam, he quits crying.
I turn them off, he starts again.  Back on, he quits!
Its amazing!  My lil bro digs GnR at 3 months!
Yeah... Kickin ass runs in the family, I tell ya what.

...Wow, Imma be such a good father :}

My invention

March 03 2006
So I was talking on the phone...  Then I decided "Hey, I wanna play Donkey Kong Country."  So I tied my phone to my head.
And thats the end of the story.

You know its true...

March 03 2006
I am hardcore.
I will windmill kick you in the face. Everybody back up,
make a circle, let's destroy this place. The lights are low and I'm
about to go off. Here comes the break down,
ka-ra-te chop!
Raise up your arms, make an X if you're down. Me and my crew, we own this stinkin' town. Watch out for my fist, your face it will kiss on
purpose. I'm tough and I'm ticked.

I don't slow dance, I don't salsa dance, forget the tango.
I don't slam dance you idiot,
I dance hardcore. On the floor, I'm the man you've never seen before. When the drummer yells, "go!" it's my time to blow.

And in between songs. I yell at the band, cause I don't care what they have to say. I'm not here to learn anything anyway. I'm here to dance.
In the zone, in a trance.

I don't smoke cigarettes, but if she's willing
I'll drop my pants.
Promiscuous I am, but I'm vegan, I don't eat ham or any of that stuff cause it's bad for you, right? Save the animals, forget the sweatshop scandals!

I do not shop at hot topic. I am not Mall Core, I am hardcore. Madball, Hatebreed, Throwdown, Terror. I own all their records on colored vinyl, limited edition and hand numbered. But you won't see me asking for no autograph. I ain't lookin' like no fool.
I ain't no pop culture tool.

If they ain't screamin', I ain't listenin'. If they ain't got a blast beat, I ain't tappin' my feet.
I eat emo pansies for breakfast,
and give their little t-shirts to my little sister. So cry about it you messenger bag, purse carrying whatever.

I wear girl pants, but I'm homophobic. Yet the way I'm always huggin' on my homeboys you sure wouldn't know it. I've had my ears stretched an inch since back in '96. Somebody told me hardcore was a place to share what you believe, but I didn't like what dude said, so I flipped him off and told him to leave.

I'm mad at society because my parents won't buy me a new computer, even though I asked politely. My playstation 2 is broken, but my Xbox works. When that breaks though, something will hit the fan and I'll express
myself with rage and anger, just like a man. Cause that's how it's
done, right? You get mad and start a fight, right? I think I may, I think I might, take my insecurities out on that punk in the pit

Cause really, I am just insecure. More than that, I'm kinda scared and
hurting inside. And I don't know how to deal with it. I don't know what being a man means. I thought acting tough was the way to go.

But now that I think about it… I'm emo.

Dont you talk to strangers?

February 27 2006
Dear people of Foozbox,
    Aye, Im nick.  I enjoy good music and good people.  I talk about shit a lot.  I wear pants that are too tight for my ghetto ass, Ive recently learned a thing called "forgiveness" and I love my Super Nin-fucking-tendo.
  I like to smoke, drink, and in general "chill."  I enjoy sex, too.  I have a Zippo with a polar bear on it and I wear Vans slip-ons.  I have a child named NewRev Studios.  She is my princess and I spoil her rotten.  I enjoy being alone and I like to eat.  Sometimes I combine the two with a TV dinner.  I dont like to take showers and quite often I just dont.  I do brush my teeth though.  Im going to be filthy fucking rich some day.
    If you think Im cool, lets be friends.  I like friends.  And if youre hot.  Let be really good friends.

Thanks, your friend,
    Nicholas Danger <3

You know you want it.

February 27 2006
So I got a box of Trix yesterday.
I was expecting to have an orgy of fruit in my mouth this morning...
But I pour a bowl and turns out, they dont have fruit shapes anymore.  Its just a shit load of little spheres.  What the fucks up with that.
Bananas are definitely not sphericial.  THEN I start eattin em.
Taste like shit.  Seriously.  Shit.
Ugh...  Sucks... 

I think we would look great dead.


February 22 2006
Theres lotsa neat new things going on there.  You should check it out.
Join the forum too :}
Oh yeah, and soon you can be "".
Isnt that just the most amazing thing youve ever heard?
Of course...  Plus Alliance members get discount on merch.



February 22 2006
Heather's gone she left a note 
"He is Legend" was all she wrote

Go fetch the detective
I think I've found something
This isn't Heater's handwriting (that's right, I said it)

Don't you talk to strangers?
You know it leads to danger
"I'm gonna be a big star some day

The kidnapper is at the comfort Inn

We'll find your daughter and we'll get revenge

Record me / red carpet (burns)

The reason the handsome one knocks on your door

It's the candy, the paper, the blood on the floor

It's the "diamonds and the pills"

Leave my daughter alone!

It's the glamour that kills

"Dad, I'm not coming home"

Watch where you point your finger

I am Hollywood

You better remember


February 21 2006
So I finally saw the OG Dawn of the Dead.  Wasnt that great.  Pretty cheesey actually.  The new ones mucho better.
I think Im going to be a biker.  Might have to get some muskles.
So, Im currently ADDICTED to He Is Legend.  Good stuff.
The video for The Seduction.  Nothing is better than puppets singing to the tune of He Is Legend.
Im pretty hungry.  Im in 5th.  Woo.
Wanna fuck?


February 18 2006
So, I dont have anythign to talk about.  Nothing dramatic, nothing new, nothing extraordinary...  Just the same ol same ol.
How do people manage to think of shit to say every day?
Craziness...  Ok, well Im going to release a pic from my "Hollywood Vault" today.  This is me and my fellow cast members on the set of Golden Girls.  Whew, a lot of crazy nights there.  Lets not get any further into that :P


photo from NewRevNick

Ah, no school.

February 13 2006
Well...  Thats how it goes.
The ONE DAY I wanna go to school, were out.  Just how it goes : P
Oh well...  I really love making coffee in the morning.  Only get the chance on weekend and days off.
And 311...  Coffee and 311.  So damn mellow I could explode.

Um, thats about all...  I think Im going to decourate my room today.
Put ol Bruce Lee back up : x



February 12 2006
I really dont know how to spell that, but I feel tons better.
Seriously.  Im so much better now.  I still hate certain people but whatever.
They will get theirs soon enough.
Im just gonna keep on living doing what I know best.
Being mellow.  Ah, life is good.
So yeah, Im ready for school to get out already :P
Or atleast spring brizzake.  Mmm, cake.
Send us back to hell, weve had our fill of heaven, give us back our sins deadly one through seven!
Keep us from their hearts seething us like ashes.


February 12 2006

What am I supposed to do?

Should I sit wait for you?

Listen to me screaming more.

So Perfection Through Silence by Finch is the only song that makes me feel better.  Honestly I dont know why.
I really need to quit being so serious.  Its not me :P

Oh well, I gotta get over this.  So, uh...  I hamsters, saddles, bananas, wallet, electric tape, advil, squares, and lighter fluid.
I really need something to do now...

I have no idea what can get my mind off of this.  Only thing thats helped thus far was talkin to my new buddy.  Cool cat, I tell ya what.


February 12 2006
Things are terrible right now.
I cant even explain whats going on.  I really just hate everything.

Can someone please help me...

Brush yo shouldaz!

February 08 2006
So I got this callendar, see...  And its got the beach on it, yeah?
And I really wanna go there.  I mean the waters so clear and blue...
And the sand and palm trees.  Ahh...  Makes me wish I had a cubicle just so I could stick it up in there and stair at it for a few hours.
Not really...  I really hate those Nasonex comercials with that shitily CGd bee.
Whew, terrible.
Star Wars Ep.3 was really good.
I wanna explore a cave.

So I played bass for like a week about 2 years ago.  I dont like to talk about it.  It would always stare at me as I slept...  Thinking of ways to get its thick strings around my neck.  Or maybe even hiding behind a door and making me walk into it and decapatating me.

Mmm, Im glad I live in the Boro.
Ride long mighty Epoch!

Yar har the single life for me!

February 07 2006
Woo hoo!
First day of being woman-less.  And I gotta say...  Ol Bob Marley was right.
No woman.  No Cry!

Whew.  So we met with the guys from FFY.  Good times.
Pissed off the waiter though...  Oh well.

Ah...  Uhm...  So I really dont like writing crap about what I do.
Tra la la, I eat chapstick.

Im Single

February 06 2006
Yeah...  Im single now.

Nick the fuckin Dangerous

February 05 2006
    So yeah, I tried to watch the superbowl today.  Seems me knowing absolutely nothing about football made me loose interest rather quickly.
But hey whateva.
Lets see...  Last night was alright.  Got together with "da crew."
So thats about that.
Oh, and NewRev got a new addition to the fam.

And I redid a lot of the site.  Were getting PHP access soon, so all the "workin" pages will be done soon.

Whee, Im done.
And Iv recently had a sick obsession with 311.
Shhh, dont tell anyone.


December 29 2005
So yeah...  Basically...
Nick isnt a happy camper.
And girls are mean.
...And no Im not gay.



December 15 2005
Yeah, I smell like a huge ass cigarette.
And as I type this I realize...  I dont know how to spell cigarette.

I really dread school tomorrow...
Crap on dat.