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July 30 2006

ok well i'm really tired but i can't sleep at all so i'm staying up even though i feel like crap but yeah that has to do with the braves game though.


once again...

February 20 2006

Well let's see here what happened this weekend I spent literally the entire weekend with Albert except for about 5 hours where i had to go to work but other than that I spent every night over at his house except Saturday because of work. Anyway Friday I went over to Taylor's house after the half day that we had I was over there until 4:30ish then we had to get out because her parents were celebrating there anniversary so Albert, Micheal and me went to Albert's house from there we hung out for a while then we decided that we wanted to go see a movie so we went over to foodlion and got money from Albert's mom ofcourse that was interesting then we went back to Alberts house were we tried to find out how we were going to get over to the movies well Albert's mom let us take the van out... once again that was interesting. We went to the movies and saw Final Destination 3 (great movie but quite gory) afterwards we went to sonic and got food that was probably the most fun. Then we went back to Alberts... once again interesting. Albert slept over at my house ok well we did nothing at my house. I was supposed to work Saturday morning so my alarm went off and scared the shit out of Albert but it had snowed and I wasn't needed at work so I didn't go. We ended up going to the mall and walked around Jessica got a belt and the rest of us (Albert, Amber and me) just sort of tagged along (Jessica had most of the money)... well knowing us what do you think happened, yeah we got hungry so instead of spending 6 dollars on a press sandwitch I don't remember what it's called we desided to walk down to Mcdonalds, I don't know if you know how far that is from the mall but when it had just snowed and the wind was terrible and someone forgot there jacket JESSICA it was fairly misserable walking down there although I think we spent more time in linens and things than anywhere because of those wonderful massage(sp?) chairs both on the way there and on the way back. Well when we got back to the mall we walked around for a short time then I got my mom to bring us over to Alberts we just hung out and did nothing but it was fun. Then my mom had to take Jessica and Amber home she wasn't pleased with me but I delt. Sunday I had to work then I went to Alberts after we went shopping at walmart we went to his house again. I slept over. BLAH... Now today was fun Jessica and Amber showed up around 10:30 and we hung out until noon well because Jessica and Amber weren't supposed to be over we went to Patterson Park and played baseball for a while I now realize how bad I truely am at it especially catching the ball. Anyway then we went back to Alberts and finished watching Final Destination 2 then we ate Pizza and then we started watching The Notebook which wasn't my first choise but it was good. Now I'm back at home and there's school tomorrow but maybe it'll be atleast semi warm.



February 15 2006

I want to know how something like this can happen from such an ignorant bitch!


February 14 2006

lost... once again but this time not for myself if you understand


July 23 2005
Nothing feels right anymore. I put that shell back around my heart and yet I can't stand to see you cry I don't know what to do.

This sort of sucks

July 12 2005
I really am ready to GO HOME I mean I love it here it's really pretty and fun there's so much more to do around here but you know what there really is nothing like your own bed and all your friends hmm... oh well 4 more days then I can home for 1.... one fucking day before I go to a camp for work not to mention I still don't get to see Jessica part of that is my fault because I really dislike her mom, but whatever. Umm... that's about it I guess I can't wait till the 15th of August and till the 22nd of October :-) well talk to everyone later.

I love you Jessica


fun fun... and GREEN DAY

June 25 2005
I went a party tonight with my parents I did manage to get some rum but that's it eh... oh well still fun. Played a pretty big game of jail break that was a lot of fun and thank god tiring of course I'll be sore tomorrow not like I really do anything I work though.

About Green Day so far Brett, my dad and Me are going and one of my dad's friends and Jessica might go. I'm not sure though Jessica has to ask her mom and my dad still has to call people should be fun though.

That's about it... later


One of those moods...

June 22 2005
Well as ussual because it really has become a normal thing she's mad at me again. Not like it really matters she'll be over it by tomorrow but whatever. I think she just has to learn I'm not whipped anymore and if she pisses me off or hangs up on me I'm not going to call her back. She'll forget though. Maybe I should go back to being whipped... NAW lol. Well later.

I guess I really do have to talk to her tomorrow... well technically today because it is our 7 month. We'll see, she really did tick me off though.



June 18 2005
Well xanga's commenting isn't working so there's no point to post on there but whatever. Today was rather boring, yestarday I did get my pay check $155.59 not bad at all considering it was only a week and a day that they counted for... I think but it really doesn't matter I went out and bought four games I really needed some new ones even though so far I've only played one I'll get to the other ones eventually.

Jessica is in east tennessee all weekend so don't really get to talk to her which sucks and I would say I don't get to see her but you know... I can't anyway.



June 16 2005
I have to wake up way to early tomorrow. I'm getting to work an hour and a half before I'm supposed to ...ugh. Not to mention there will be noone to hang out for an hour and a half because I'm fricking opening. Oh well Air Hockey tournement and my brother being there will make up for it.


Something New

June 15 2005
Well Let's see I finally started work. I don't really know why I'm doing this I guess it is just because I want something a little more local... I don't know anyway. I'll try to find people but for now I have to eat.