having a moment..

November 09 2008

ive decided my baby names if i ever do have babies...
 so what about ...

Gideon-its meaning is "fellow of trees;powerful warrior.
no middle name but i like gideon christopher.

Adalie- meaning " God is my refuge:noble one."
the second name of my mothers first Diane


Peggie Russo-Millard

November 10 2008
I had some names in mind for my babies too. Basil, Marigold and Misha. Can you picture anyone of my children with those names? I know that you want to laugh right now.It's okay, you can laugh at them. I don't know what I was thinking at the time.

Peggie Russo-Millard

November 10 2008
But you have got to admit, Marigold Millard does sound pretty good.