all i mean to say

October 16 2008

little did we know,little to you can i show.
much of you i miss,too.but not sure of what we had was true.
dont you  get it? do you really understand,
 all id ever wanted is your hand.not sure how it became so more,to the point where we both just stood halfway out the door.
holdin on tighter but not holding stronger -it was bound to end so terribly,truth be told it might be awhile before i even see it to be incredibly.
slippin' right through each other fingers there was not much much we didnt ruin. not sure i can go back to that finishing us up totally- getting the final "do in".
at least not yet,im scared of it being what we had and having it like that again i bet.
i dont want that, i dont want something i dont need , i dont just want you to have your way with me, and me pretending its under love , and just letting it be.
if it were ever to be us -as me & you,im not sure it could  be now & i wish it could be true.
if im worth it i might just make you wait,
& if not i'd still make you experience "have" but do not take.

baby... all i meant to say is maybe.