quite possibly Sarah Palin

August 29 2008

so i haven't dome to much research on her but McCain's choice for running mate: Sarah Palin was an awesome desicion in my opinion! Besides the fact she is a little inexperienced, she seems like she knows how to get things done. and well with McCain not being that great of a conservative, she is! She is strong, and very conservative. She is strongly against abortion and i think This will get the conservative votes we need! I think i could do a little research on this, but she seems to be family oriented( well, with 5 kids you have to be), and i like her. the only thing im seeing is that her husband owns a huge oil company, and that never works well with politics!

what do you guys think of her?


August 31 2008
One thing her husband does not own a oil company He works for one. Her husband and her both worked for an oil company. She later quit the ethics committee after saying it was not ethical. I am quite upset that my good friend mittens (Mitt Romney). did not win and you know the main reason he did not get it, well besides being too amazing was that a bunch of Christian supporters of McCain said that he would lose their vote if he did that and that is so stupid. Mittens was the absolute best canidate for VP. He was the most conservative guy we had and stood for many "conservative christian" views. But of course christians do what they have always do stick their heads up their butts and get all judgmental just because the guy is a morman they totally disregard all of the good things when it comes down to how great of a guy he is. Now on the other hand Sarah does have a great past. Her oldest kid is going on a tour to Iraq with the military, her youngest has down syndrome and she did not abort even after know this. Her words where it is not a choice it is life. Very strong in that aspect. However she did make a 6.6 billion construction budget then again she she did make the second largest cut in another budget. So economically she is not too shabby. Now what she brings to the table concerning votes is pretty good. I believe McCain will take most of the southern votes and his running mate helps. He is an old white male and his running mate is a conservative white beautiful life time member of the NRA who loves to hunt. She is a new face to Washington DC which is great in my opinion because she has not been exposed to the corruption of DC politics. However both McCain and Sara are pretty inexperianced where Mitt Romney could have helped out. So I guess over all McCain has a pretty good running mate although I would like to see Mittens get it. Sorry Romney and good luck Sarah!

Kaelynn Malugin

September 02 2008
I THINK SHE'S AMAZING! Can't wait for a pro-life and pro-gun woman in office! More power!