August 13 2008

hey hey.  here lately ive kinda been up and about with different things, just feel like being different with life, you now kicking the regular schedule and flipping things around. learning alot. havent been on here much, but i do stop and read everyone's blogs when you write something. loved kks last blog. :).

 oh, for everyone who knew about me running for treasurer of 10th grade class. i did win, and im very excited about it!

    i read something amazing the other day in 1 peter i cant give you the exact reference but it was talking about Noah and his family on the ark, and how everyone else had drowned , and that they represented the baptism you had to have, to be  baptised not physical act but the putting away with filth of the flesh are the only ones who will be saved from the flood. i thought it was the coolest comparision.


 hasta luego-isabel