my dreams

July 24 2008

i've been thinking about things i want to do with my life.

       so far i think you guys know i'd like to go in the field of counseling one day. leaning towards working with teenage girls or married couples.

   another dream i'd like to be a christian music artist. and sing country style music. because i love the sound of country but i think the lyrics aren't always so great. the thing with that is i'd have to to get some singing lessons, and learn the guitar.

    finally, i think it's been put on my heart to work for a pregnacy center , and do sonograms, and give women hope.

    so i think i'd like to find a  real good guy one day

(i think he should look like sheriff Zach Tyler

 from love's unending legacy),

i'd like him to be my best friend,

and for us to go running together,

and i will want to make him happy.

get married and maybe have a kid.

i'd like a boy.

 I'd like to be active in a small church,

maybe be a preacher's wife.

have a faith based, not hypocritical relationship

with God.

oh me & Erin Conner will still be best friends!

live in the country.

i wouldnt mind living in Tennessee that much.

Georgia, & Alabama & the Carolinas sound nice,too.

oh and my house should be on the small side but not to small.

where people who don't have very much will feel comfortable,

but rich people will feel comfortable,too.

alright well those are my dreams.