to the mimes!

August 27 2007

the things i promise you :



take me(you)  at my (your) word

i will what i believe

i out loud

i will watch the lamb

Its an honor to serve

i will keep your ...Best kept Secret!


things i will try to do:


Set You (me) free

reminds you its .. the End Of The Beginning

 remind you we can both be .. Forgiven!

Ill help you with the.. Basic Instructions

try to help this .... Youth of The Nation

try to remember .. I am Blessed!


things i will not do:

i will not leave  you .. Shaken!

i will not leave you in... shackles

testify against you in the .. Courtroom!

i will not ... GO!

JTucker Millard

August 27 2007
Oh, I like this a lot!! It's very clever!!!

Erin:: lub my flower.

August 27 2007
i know , everyone should do one , but one thats totally different .... like the sentence , and things!