I ve been insulted ... in every Way!

August 13 2007

First , i wanna say I am not mad at anyone on here !

But I am a little flustrated because of one person on here!!!!!!!!

 insulted me in making me the idiot object .....

 then theres these guys who used to be my friends imed me , & called me ALL THIS STUFF!!!!it made me very mad! & every other line said 666 .... & it really made me upset !!!!!!!

 i was near tears, out of anger , ill admit that i was angry!! i didnt say anything mean to them , i was just u know what i think of this & they said wat?

 then i blocked them , i was sooooo mad !!!!!! its not wrong to be mad ...is it? i mean anger  isnt wrong its grudges , and hate that is wrong.....

 is it wrong to be mad ???

 upset ?? i know i have to let it go , but i want to hold on to it... but i know that it is wrong ....
 you gotta understand my frustration!!!!

wat 2 do?

 but i do wanna say my best made me cry tonite ... they were happy tears of hope