1st day of school

August 11 2005
So today has been eventful, my dr called and said that i shouldn't spin for a week, so at the end of the day I was so bored I was doing tosses and moves w/ one hand...

Next a certain someone showed up at band camp today and I just wanted to say, " ________ _____, come here" and just lay one on him but you know me, I would never do that, and he is probably going to read this and be like "omg that girl is crazy" which I am, and my mom will read it come to me and say "Megan I'm very disappointed w/ you" but I have to get that off my chest.

Well Katie came to Blackman but now her mom is saying I'm a bad influence (the girl that makes all A's and B's and that is a good little christain girl and is known for it) and that she can't come to my house, I can't come to hers and that if she ever sees anything blackman on her car it's gone, and if she gets an F on anything than her car is gone, she has to take choir and that now her life is basically a living hell, literally. And so we are going to see how we can get to our classes so we see eachother as much as possible, and I'm just really mad b/c now it's like I got my best friend at school w/ me and not even 24 hours after it was finalized her mom says we can't even see eachother. But it's kinda like when a boyfriend and girlfriend are aloud to see eachother but they sneek behind their parents back, well that is going to be us, but we are friends.

Well the day got better when we went outside and everything was going so smothly

today for half the day I was in all the wrong classes b/c my schedule is messed up, but then I got the right one, and I was on both attendance list so my teachers probably thought I was skipping or something, which is sad, but that's ok b/c I got it fixed, here is the schedule...

E - Honors English III Lancaster
1 - Honors Spanish II Marrison
2 - ABLS Wright (Tech Marketing Meadows S2)
3 - Adv Honors Alg. II Hardy
4 - Adv Honors Band Monson
5 - Adv Honors Chem Millsap

Well tell me if I'm in any classes since mine were messed up today... and come to see the Blackman Band preform tomorrow at 5 on the football field it should be really good

4th period

August 10 2005

wrist still hurts, and the dr. said that the radiologist still hasn't put anything in the computer, but at the end of today I started doing some stuff just not spinning b/c that is what hurts

oh yea, yall don't know, i think i spranged it from walking backwards and slipping on a flag at camp


August 07 2005
my sister left around 6:45 this morning, she won't be back till January 3 or 4, and I won't be able to see her except for fall break and around Christmas, it is going to be SO wierd w/o her here, I will miss her a lot, and I will probably go through withdrawal issuses, I haven't gone 3 weeks w/ out seeing her and now I have to wait at least 3 monthes! Ok well I g2g get ready for church, adios!

car troubles

August 03 2005
So my sister and i went to this person's house b/c that was where stones river's youth group was going to play games, well I was pulled along w/ everyone, and so we played cards till about 11, and we were like, we need to get home, so we give this guy a ride home, and he gave us $5 for gas, we stop at a gas station, and laura was like "there's smoke coming out of my car" and so we pop the hood and it didn't look good, well about 2 min. later this old guy shows up and he and his wife own a gradge called radfor's and their # is 459-9391, and they know what they are doing and they helped us for free, and yea that is where I'll be going for any car trouble, b/c out of the kindness of their hearts they helped two teenagers who don't know the first thing about cars, and then they gave us these tracks, they are little booklets they talk about God, and he said "read this in one sitting", my sister said "we're baptized" he said, "did I ask if you were baptized" (jokingly) and we laughed and went on our way, so yea you can reach out to someone and show them christ just by being nice and helping them w/ car trouble.

"There are many CHURCHES and many DENOMINATIONS - but there is only ONE TRUE Church. Jesus is the head of that Church. He called it "MY CHURCH" (matt 16:18), and all BORN AGAIN believers are members of the one TRUE Church."

Summer Reading

July 31 2005
So it is almost impossible to avoid it, I have read so other books this summer, and now I need to read the ones that my grade depends on, so I am now starting summer reading, I don't want to do it, but there is no avoiding it...